Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Farewell, A Parting, A Goodbye.

After 4 years of having long distance relationship, we ended it.
He was my first date, my first kiss, my first love.
This is a decision needed to be made, a decision that is best for both.

My heart ache, I long for his presence.
I think about him continuously, not able not to. Not yet.

I cried, I smile, I try not having regrets.
I will overcome this pain.

I will.
I will.
I will.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The INJE Trip #2

It supposed to be the World Choir Championship trip, the Gyeongnam, South Korea trip. But no, I'm gonna called it the INJE trip since there where I spent most of my days in Gyeongnam.

After the competition performance, though we are very upset about one of our friends not being able to came with us, thank God he gave us the strength to sing very well I must say. We were so satisfied with our performance. We sang just like how we are thought, well there are tiny little mistakes I made here and there but I don't it affected our performance as a whole. All in all, we were thrilled. We were so full of excitement for have performed so well, our super cool bus driver decided to turn on his disco tune in his bus. He turn off the usual bus light and turn this disco light on the bus (yes people, like the disco ball), and played this pete2 disco songs. And we dance or Baju Bodo on unstoppably! It was madness. He was driving on the free way and there barely any other cars. So we danced and danced!

The best accessory ever: medal and trophy as
The Winner of the 3rd Price World Choir Competition,
Grand Prix,
Folkolore category!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandpapa? Grandmama? Clearly not Younglings - STAMINAwise

Been sick last couple of days. Made myself go to choir practice anyway, two days ago. World Choir Championship is two weeks away! Oh God...
I was feeling ok, I even shoot these while waiting practice begin.

Wrapped myself thoroughly, big woolen scarf, and I wore stockings inside trousers.

But in the end, my body can't take it and I have to go home earlier can't sing a tone, let alone dance. Barely can hold the bosara firmly. Tsktsktsk.
Get kenacort injection last night, hopefully that'll do the trick. Freaked out when was about to be injected. Didn't hurt at all, but still freaked out. I don't get along with needles. Nope.

Wish me get well REALLY soon everyone, please......

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Latest Treasure #2

Another finding at an exhibition. Ooohh how I love exhibitions/bazaars.....!! Things you can find are so unpredictable. This necklace was not pricey, very unique and ethnical (naturally). It reminds me of a traditional costume, but I don't know which. Does anybody have a clue which traditional costume this necklace resembles? It's not Toraja nor Padang nor Thai, I looked it up and they look nothing like the necklace. But it does look like Toraja/Batak/Padang traditional HOUSE though. Pointy at both ends. Hahaha.

introducing my partner in crime, fellow fashion idolatre, idolater (i mean fashion idolazer;): Kak Aly

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fashion Kiddos

Sometime ago, was blogwalking, and found this boy in someone's blog.

Talking about early beginnings! Look at those bow tie a.k.a PS controller. So much fun what he did.

And she also. How fortunate to have all the source to become such a fashionista at such young age, eh?
She does has a good sense of style.

This perhaps my cutest outfit as a tot. Hihi

Me and my veggie pants.

This quirkiness is already inside me since long long ago....

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Which one suit my OUTFIT better?

The red flats


the gladi studded heels?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chrisye at His Best - Kala Cinta Menggoda

His best video clip, wardrobe-wise at the very least.

Take a look at the costumes, they look believable aren't they? Hahahaha!

I mean, some artists try to make videos with this concept - masks, dramatic costumes - but not all succeed.
I think the director did a fab job. I'm not a video clip experts or anything, I just like this clip so much.
There were Indonesian traditional masks as well as Venetian masks (I think), feather accessories at appropriate amount, gold sequins and embroideryn dress Vira Yuniar's wearing (00:02:39), and let's not forget the flower shape goldy pearl earings (00:01:15).

What I love most about Chrisye's vocal, particulary in this song, is he always sing so effortlessly. Not too loud, or too improvised, or anything over the top.

Of course, Waljinah's singing made the song even more magical.

"Maka izinkanlah aku, mencintaimu. Atau bolehkah aku sekedar sayang padamu!".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I don't own a lot of polkadots, but I do like this one very much.
And it's cakar, of course. Hohoho.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Choir is My Life (till next July at least)

With the blessing of GOD ALMIGHTY, my uni choir - Paduan Suara Mahasisswa Universitas Hasanuddin (PSM-UH) is going to participate in the upcoming first ever World Choir Championship next July in Korea.

We've practice our asses off - for real - especially lately this week, mainly because obsviously July is getting closer....and closer....and closer...

I'm struggling for singing "alone" in the team - my A1 partner is sick (GET WELL SOON YOU!). Not very easy, as it turns out. The songs are in EIGHT harmony (1st&2nd sopranos, 1st&2nd altos, and so on). And me and Ina are 2nd alto. She being very busy with work, got sick few days ago. So I ended up singing my lungs out. Perhaps I tried too hard or may be not hard enough. Well, that's what practices are for!
Pray for me, dear friends...

But of course we always have time to take pictures between practices!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Gonna tell you about the songs and concept, but not this time. =D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Professor Sampepajung?


No no, give that title because this outfit is inspired by one particular lecturer in FE-UH.
Soooo Mr. JJ. Don't you agree Dhesa? Or Kiki whom perhaps read this post? Hihihi.
I personally think his look resembles Japanese retro style. Especially the glasses, no? =D

"Aku ingin membeli TV! 72 inchiiiii...." - Televisi, Naif

Saturday, May 09, 2009

And A Happy Ever After

Went to Tato's wedding ceremony this morning.
Wish you a "happily ever after" life Tato!
Not that it's possible, but do try. Hahahaha...

Ooooh, bought this in the Female On the Move exhibition couple of weeks ago.
Gotta love it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Artificial Changes

I read in bryanboy on how designers often make artificial changes in their collections each season. (Sorry, lost track on which post).

Well these pics have nothing to do with it. JAYUS yah. Doesn't really matter, I just wanna play.... So I'LL WEAR WHAT I WANNA WEAR, PLAY WHAT I WANNA PLAY.


Play Pastels

A bright sunny day, let's have some colors today!

And puhlease, ignore the starring.

Best ear piece ever.

No, this isn't keychain. Hoahm.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Never Say Never #2

I know I said I don't really understand studded stuff....
But when mama got home with this baby,

what am I supposed to do, sent them all the way back?
NEVER! (+w+)

Bought this pretty pretty headband few days ago with Kak Ade.
Decided to play it with a chiffon purple scarf...


6 Items EVERYbody's Wearing.

At least everybody on magz and blogs I see.

It's either this combination:

oversize shirt, rolled-up jeans, and ankle boots.

Or one of this piece:

Shorts + tights and wide/floppy hat.

They are as dictated by designers one or two seasons (or even more) ago.
But hey, dictated or not, clothes are meant to be wore everyday, every time and it WOULD be boring to wear the same things every single day. We long for something unique. Something not just plain and simple.
That's why, I guess, we wear these items (even though) similar to everybody else every where.
Or may be we just want to be a part of a so called fashion world?

May be yes, may be no....(iya, iklan bgt;)
What do you think?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Favourite quote's from mangas

I personally believe that comics, or manga specifically, aren't merely for entertainment purpose.
No no.
One actually can learn from comic books.

For instance,

From Kodocha Child's Play #5 - Miho Obana
Chapter #22 ( )

(second column)
In Indonesian version,
" Aku bahkan ingin bertanya pada gadis-gadis yang mencinta.
Cinta itu dimulai dari mana dan mulai kapan."

A very interesting question, I think.

Or this quote from Crayon Shinchan #32 - Yoshito Usui

"Wah, jangan-jangan pacar sesama jenis?
Tidak usah malu-malu.
Di dunia ini memang ada macam-macam bentuk cinta kan

Helped me to understand that I really shouldn't judge homosexuals.
Love do come in all sorts of way...
And who am I to judge anyway?

And of course, this one:
Working Man (Hataraki Man) #2 - Moyoco Anno

"Sibuk bukan berarti sudah bekerja dengan baik.
Dan kalau sudah bekerja dengan baik,
bukan berarti hebat."

Aren't there times you get annoyed with some people keep telling you how "busy" they are?
Well, being busy doesn't mean you have worked well. And if you do work well, doesn't mean you are great.

From Working Man #4, I also learned this Japanese proverb,

Kokoro Kunzuru:
"Hal yang paling menyenangkan dan luar biasa di dunia ini adalah terus bekerja seumur hidup. Hal paling sengsara di dunia ini adalah tak berpendidikan.
Hal paling sepi di dunia ini adalah tak punya pekerjaan.
Hal paling buruk di dunia ini adalah iri pada kehidupan orang lain.
Hal paling mulia di dunia ini adalah mengabdi

untuk orang lain dan tak membuatnya berutang budi.

Hal paling indah di dunia ini adalah

Allow me to translate it,
"The pleasantest dan most amazing thing in this world is keep working as long as you live.
The most misarable thing in this world is being uneducated.
The LONELIEST thing in this world is having no job.
The most horrible thing in this world is envying someone else's life.
The noblest thing in this world is serve other people and not make them owe you.
The most beautiful thing in this world is
*... = fill the blank.

According to this saying, "the pleasantest dan most amazing thing in this world is keep working as long as you live". Well may be not as long as I live, but hey isn't the one whom made this proverb a hard worker or what?! If he/she willing to work as long as they live, why can't I work hard NOW?

ps. I don't translate all of the quotes because I'm afraid my limited English ability would ruin the beautiful sentences that are already translated from the original version (in Japanese) into Indonesian by the pros.
And please forgive the imperfection of quotes I did translate...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hendak Pergi..... Memilih ato Berkebun?!

*Dalam semangat nasionalisme, entri hari ini sepenuhnya ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia.*

Eksperimen padu padan hari ini untuk ke TPS.

Celana pinggang tinggi yang baru sekali dipakai, saya potong. Terus jadinya kelihatan lebih mirip celana berkebun, tidak tahu kok bisa begitu?! Haha, gak papa lah....

"pura-puranya berkebun"


"Sudahkah Anda menggunakan hak pilih Anda?"