Friday, December 30, 2011

One Christmas in Manchester

As promised to @vinasiahaya dan @iipewepe.

This was the very first time I spent Christmas away from my family. The last 22 years, every Christmas eve would be spent in one of the relatives' or at our house. We would have dinner, service, then take a family picture. There would be a lot of hassle. Mom would yap about cleaning the house, my room, help my sister cook macaroni schotel, pick up food, etc etc. And then all the big family would gather and we would spent a warm cheerful Christmas evening together.

On 24th December last week, it occurred to me that I would be alone at Christmas eve. Me and friends who were staying in Manchester had plans for Christmas day arranged already. But what about Christmas eve? Usually when I'm home, we would spent Christmas eve with family and on Christmas day we would be very busy with all papa's guest coming over.

So instead of surrounded by people as usual, I would be alone.
Got panic for a second.
I was considering to invite some friends over to cook together and had dinner, when an idea came. I am by myself. This would be the first time in my life to have a Christmas only to myself. Why not do something I would never done if I were home? No mommy and sister yapping, nothing to clean, nothing to hassle. Why not enjoy the very peaceful night by myself?
Of course, a lot of people say that Christmas is supposed to be spent with others. Flatmate invited me to join her and friends for dinner, but I didn't want to interfere.
I really felt that I had to experience this one alone. If it sucks, then I'd know in the future I should not do it again.

Well, I thought the idea was brilliant.
So I went out of the flat and sat on the benches near University place to download some manga. Then to Sainsbury's and bought wine, cheese, marshmallow, ready to cook pasta, and some snacks. In the afternoon, went to church with friends. Then back to flat and had my one self relaxed laid back Christmas eve.

hot chocolate with marshmallow

mini breadsticks, Shiraz Mont-Pierre, ginger bread

Instead of my sister's macaroni schotel, I had microwaved pasta.
Instead of singing with the whole family, I watched Sound of Music and He's Not That Into You.
Plus hot choco, cheese, and wine.
It was OK.

Truthfully, it wasn't gloomy and miserable. It wasn't great, either.

On Christmas day, me, Bintang, Herman, Yunita, and mbak Indria went to church together.
Had a lovely Christmas service. There was a puppet show video, where the puppets sang the Nativity story using Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody tune. Then we went to Bang Gindo and Mbak Maria's house for a very big marvelous lunch. Bang Gindo and Mbak Maria are Indonesian family that held open house every year on Christmas day. So they had many other guests came. After lunch, bang Gindo took us and the other guests for a walk. We went to a big park, walked on muddy pathway, very British. On the way back, saw some houses having Christmas lunch. Where families sat together in a very big table and had dishes for hours. Then we had Irish coffee. Sorry, didn't took any pictures...

That day, it wasn't raining nor was it cold.
In the end, I didn't had a white Christmas in Manchester.
But I must say.
My one Christmas in Manchester was, in fact, merry and bright.

I hope you had too.

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Realized that it has been a very long time since I last did a wardrobe post, now it's time. I haven't taken many decent wardrobe pictures these past months. Not that the wardrobe pics here are super awesome or anything.

Due to the cold weather, naturally I wear hundreds of layers every time going out.
I only have one winter, so gotta make it count.

Recently purchased this elbow patched sweater. Finally yeaaaaay!

Doodle Away Danilela #3 & #4

These two go to my keces @dhuii and @karinarenata

the flamingo, the penguin, and the peacock

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tunes

Memasuki Christmas break yang dimulai minggu depan, lemme hereby say.... IKE ESSAYKU SELESAI!! Hahahahaa sebel nggak? Baru slese kodong, lamanya baru slese... Sudah dikirim buat konsul, mdh2an layak disubmit. Huhuhu.....

Anyway. In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to post more youtube links of some of my all time Xmas songs. Well forgive me for only posting links........... Oh well. Here goes.

NERI PER CASO, of course.

Neri Per Caso - God Rest You Mary, Gentlemen

Then, obviously, is Ms. Carey. Or Mrs. Cannon?

Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

Boyz II Men - Merry Christmas, Darling

Mariah Carey - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Michale Buble - Santa Baby

Honestly, this is the most sensual version of the song.

This one is from Sister Act II. Actually I might have posted this song, but it belongs to this post as well, so.

Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount - His Eye is on the Sparrow

This one is not even a Christmas song. But it's a Love Actually soundtrack, which is my ultimate Christmas movie if not all time.

Wyclef Jean feat. Sharissa - Take Me As I Am

Hmm... Now I want to write a post on Love Actually. Ok, will do tomorrow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble #4

Rambelita tralala. Wah sudah episode empat, cepat juga ya bok. Kalo sinetron ini bagaikan.... Well sebenarnya kalo dibanding sinetron episode empat masih perkenalan karakter kali ya. Hahahahahahaha. *petir*
Kalo chapter empat di komik sudah satu buku mi. Yayaya.

As always, stuck nulis essay. Masih essay yang sama dgn yg kemarin. Tapi bertambah mi gank 300 kata, skarang sdh 1700an. Lumayan.... Sedikit lagi sudah bisa dikirim ke mas Yan buat revisi.
Kalo mas Yan baca blog ini, makasih loh mas atas bantuannya.

Moving on. Kemarin malam habis latian buat acara natal IF-Man, rame2 pergi makan dan had the most random conversation. Mule bahas Harmoko, Diana Pungki, sampe saingan hapalin UUD 45 (yg dengan ngotot dimenangkan Rivel tentunya hahahahaha).
Terus, thanks to Bintang P. Melanes dan Albert Aaron sebagai narasumber, kita2 diedukasi tentang musik2 Indonesia yg terselubung dan kadang antahberantah...

Tanpa basa-basi lagi!!
Sambutlah Youtube links of the aforementioned!!

1! Saipul Jamil dalam boybandnya G4ul, dengan lagu Tak Bosan!
Video uploaded by Mr. Sakuryes...

2! Astuti by Agung Hercules

3! Astuti by Masca2

Demikianlah, semoga video2nya menghibur pirsawan sekalian.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble #3

like usual, after writing essay and report i'm gonna ramble here. tonight i have several topics in mind, which are: danilela's tweet of the week, classic manga heroes, principle of purchasing paintings, and some cool phrases heard in classes! yessss very erudite rite....

1) tweet of the week
stumbled on a couple of witty tweets, both by @buyungbengnga

"berbahagialah org yg fotonya dijadikan sebagai dp bbm pasangannya. it means they are proud to have you in their life." - @buyungbengnga

the first tweet, i think, is true. you wouldn't put someone's picture as you display picture if you're ashamed of them, would you? well, i don't. that's why my current dp bbm is a picture of monkey painting. not that it resembles my boyfriend in anyway, please! it's a painting i fell in love with, told him about it, which he looked for, found, and bought for me! emmmah Pywedont :*

"ribu2na ini mama2 penjaga pasien yang baru. sumpu'na desadesana. sudah tua banyak bacot lagi. ngoceh melulu drtd. saranku bikin ko twitter." - @buyungbengnga

well this one is simply hilarious. loosely translated: "these new patient caregiver ladies are so chatty. unbelievably tacky. old motormouth hags. haven't stopped talking. my suggestion, make a twitter account."
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i can imagine them with their betels and/or peanuts gossiping on and on about the most trivial subjects, holding blackberries and become banci twitter. hmm. cool. twitter is, for some people, a playground to ramble and gossip!

2) manga heroes
growing up, my fondness of manga unavoidably resulted in having crush(es) on manga heroes... yeah i'm just cool that way.............
shut up bogie, i know you're reading this. don't laugh at me, you had more manga crushes than i did :p
ehm. anyway.
- Lee Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura - clamp)
- Masumi Hayami (Glass Mask - Miuchi, S)
- Terry; Terrence Graham Grandchester (Candy-candy - Mizuki, K.).
Yo brooooooo they had major manga heroes typical nature: doesn't talk much, cool, teases the heroin and this would lead them to love/hate relationship, secretly loves the heroin back, smart, and rich. the qualities teenage girls dream about. hahahaa. i was young. now i need someone who's straight forward, true to his words, quirky like i am, and tells his feelings directly. no drama, no games. Pywedont emmaaah lagi. hihihihi.

abis dikasi lukisan sih, senangku kowe gaaaaaaank.
which lead us to topic #3

3) danilela's single principle to purchase paintings
i read somewhere long long ago, that a painting should "speaks" to you. the painter and price should not be the reason of purchasing paintings. which made me think, well i'm no expert in art, am i? if i want to buy a painting, it should solely because the paint kinda speaks to me. not merely bcos it's preety, most paintings/work arts are supposed to be pretty. i want to stumble upon a painting which warms my heart. you know, like when you see a bag and fall in love with it. or pass a high-end brand shop which opens a temporary big sale outlet and then dream abt it after. that kind of feeling. moving on. this monkey painting speaks love and humor to me. honestly, its eyes are sparkly as if saying "i'm a outgoing, funny, bitchin monkey. you know you'd love me."
well. i didn't buy bcos i thought the hassle of packing it home and everything. but after flew back, i realize i really do like the painting. and just yesterday, Pywedont found and buy it. aaaaaaah thank you sayaaaang!!!

4) cool phrases heard in class
just a few expressions that i don't hear that often. there are others, but didn't able to wrote down let alone memorize them.
- buoyant innovations
- astronomical success
- marshalling materials
- management of various flavors
- myriad of things

and that's about that.
this post is dedicated to Pywedont Todingan whom never read this blog. oh no. probably that's the reason he still likes me??? sheez. oh well. thank you for the painting, dear :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Thanksgiving

One of my flatmate, Heather, celebrated thanksgiving a week (or two) ago.
So she so made a thanksgiving dinner and invited us!!
Yeay Heather!!

I love to watch American TV series, so have always been wondering what American thanksgiving would taste like. I told Heather this and she said what we had that evening was pretty much what she usually had back home. One more time. Yeay Heather!!

So with the help from some of the guys downstairs, we had turkey, stuffing, killer mashed sweetpotatoes w/ marshmallow, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy on everything, corn bread, cheese, apple pies, and wine. Maipo Shiraz. Deliciousness.

my first turkey ~ horeeee syalala

Lately my posts have been around food, have it not?
Well, holiday is just around the corner even tough I have a 9am class tomorrow.
And I have one more food-related post, our class just had winter dinner yesterday!
I know, I already started dieting again. To prepare before the actual holiday come. Phew.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Doodle Away Danilela #1 & #2

An old hobby that lately came again.
Since these two were meant as doodles, I didn't exactly put much thought into it. Hence the hideous thin-strokes area.... Not that the doodles are pretty or anything. But still it's my own creation, proud of it :D

My poor editing skill didn't help that much, but actually I prefer it like this better. Stronger colors and less ugly thin-strokes area....

Monday, December 05, 2011

Dinners and Lunches

As promised, a post on meals with several of my classmates.

Ms. Eseosa, Ms. Chiamaka, Ms. Daniella
Good cook, good cook, good dinner guest :P

Nigerian Dinner: yams, two chicken dishes (sorry, don't remember the Nigerian name),
white rice, fried plantain.

Mashed potatoes stuffed in roasted paprika, pan fried pork steak, with mushroom and broccoli.

Dinner at Missoula

Taiwanese Hot-Pot at Kevin's
This BBQ sauce is put into our bowls.
To my surprise, the sauce (which has dried lizard fish in it) actually tasted good.

So far I've noticed, Indonesian are the ones who like taking pictures SO MUCH. Which not necessarily a bad thing, right? Right?? Hahaha anyway. This is Dhruv, my Indian friend who taught me some bolly moves.

Pakistani Dinner at Mahvish's.
I really enjoy the food. Mahvish lives in the suburban area in Greater Manchester with her husband and two kids. She's the kind of perfect lady, you know, the kind who can cook, sew, paint, smart in class, pretty much good at anything. She's really nice :)

Lovely ladies of IME 2012 class

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Catch My Disease

It's a miracle! I can post videos on youtube!!
Sang something, not out of this world good... Hoping it's not total crap either :P

Originally by Ben Lee.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halelujah Moment every weekend!

Mo se jadikan ritual saja, tiap kali stuck sama nulis essay saya akan menulis dsini instead. Skarang saya akan menceritkan tentang betapa bahagianya sekolah di Manchester yang banyak keluarga Indonesia dan mahasiswa PhD yang dtg skolah membawa keluarganya. Let me explain why. Di manchester raya ini ada namanya IF-Man atau Indonesian Fellowship Manchester. Ini persekutuan org2 Indonesia beragama Kristen disini. Kalo utk Muslim ada Pengajian. Nah. Tiap bulan, ada persekutuan doa, jadi keluarga2 yg dsini gantian jadi hostnya. Sekali sebulan, hari sabtu kita datang ibadah bersama. Terus, karena kita akan menyanyi di International Carol Service dan mo ngadain acara Natal bersama, sekarang tiap minggu kita latihan nyanyi. Nah. Apart of singing for Christmas yang mana sangat sekali ya pemirsa tetap bisa se lakukan walo bukan di makassar, hal indah yg bisa dipetik adalah: selalu disediakan konsumsi. And i mean always. Baik persekutuan maupun latian nyanyi. Sejauh ini sudah makan soto ayam, lontong, empek-empek, rica-rica, mi goreng, bakso, mi ayam lengkap dengan pangsit gorengnya, dst. Puji Tuhan! Jadi saya betah makan nasi abon bbrp hari kalo lagi malaaaas skali masak. Karena I know at the end of the week I'm gonna feast! Hihii...

Diberkatilah bapak2 dan ibu2 yang telah membuka pintunya bagi kami2, untuk bersekutu dan bersantap bersama. Amin.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aca Aca Hota Hai

Yesterday my financial appraisal group had hot-pot lunch at Kevin's place. I'm not gonna write the hot-pot story in this post though, because if I do the title would not make sense. What I want to write now is India Dance!! Syalalalaaaa. *and bcos I'm writing IKE essay now and I'm stuck so in order to maintain the writing mood I decided to make a blog post* *uh-huh*

There's this movie titled "KABHI KUSHI KABHI GHUM". Starring Sharukh Khan and Kajol, and other big names as well. But those two are the ones I love most in the movie. They played characters named Rahul and Anjeli (which are also their characters' names in Kuch Kuch Hota Hae. Don't ask me why, how would I know?) Anyway. Rahul set eyes on Anjeli for the first was in her neighborhood. She was dancing. In the middle of some other men dancing, they were celebrating something. She wore red sari, the men wore white clothes. And it was magical. The way she danced, her expression, her moves, the way Rahul saw her and suddenly everything was in slow motion, Rahul almost fell of the stairs bcos of her charm.... MAGICAL!!!
Here's a video of the scene,

That was the moment that made me fell in love with India dances.
Because it is so full of joy and excitement and there's a strong folklore atmosphere in the dance.

Pictures are screenshot from:

Definitely one of my most favorite fall-in-love scene.

Now. What the heck hot-pot lunch has to do with aca-aca hota hae??? BECAUSE!!! My groupmate, Dhruv from Siliguri, taught me some punjabi moves!! Wohoooooo!!! Yeah. He was telling us about his passion towards dancing, street dance to be exact. He showed us his video with his group and he's awesome. Anyway, one conversation led to another, he ended up showing me some of the punjabi dance which is from the punjabi area. Of course when he told me that I reply that the Punjabi family in Indo are one the leaders in entertainment industry. Which he replied with information that the richest man in Manchester is an Indian. Moving on. I don't have any pictures for evidence, but my friend David had it recorded. But no, I'm not going to post it here. Because 1) I haven't seen it yet; 2) I'm sure I wouldn't look very flattering.

But still. I was soooo very happy to finally learned some bolly moves!
Aca aca!

Ending this post with this message:
Never underestimate bollywood magic, watch Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

just because the pictures aren't there doens't mean i don't care

(pun unintended)

This has become somewhat a routine. Sleep at eleven-ish, wake up at 00:30, then would be able to back to sleep at two. Still got 23 minutes, so I'm gonna write something about my friends here.

My dear dear friends, P.Cantik.
For diplomatic reasons, not gonna write the full name here :p

Just now realized that I haven't upload that many that many pictures with them on facebook. Well, I know there are many photos in my old laptop. But for some reason didn't upload them. May be because we met so regularly in class? I don't upload a lot of my family pictures as well. Neither photos with my cousins and I hang out with them all the time. Anyway.

Right now I'm in the mood for reminiscing...
P.Cantik normally consists of seven gals and a dude. Vina, Dhesa, Iphe, Needha, Mumu, Yuni, Oma, and myself. Well, we hang out with others all the time but these are the people that consistently did the "P" word. Moving on. One of the most memorable routine we did was Friday lunch, during 4/5/6th term. We had class on 8am, finished at 10 or 10:30. Then we all would packed up to my mini jazz, went for lunch (solaria, nyoba, mcd, bakso pa'de, etc) then rushed to mosque because Mumu had to attend Friday shalat. And we had to be quick for we had class again at 1. And I have never been a fast driver. For some reason, we always went for lunch in places far away from uni. May be I forced them to, because I wanted to eat nyoba, but they're so nice they'd always come w/ me. Hehehehe.

There are lots of memories we had. Carried a flag pole around campus (long story), Mumu always wanted to have better marks and would sulk if someone surpass him, sang at Tatuga, all the codes that I couldn't keep track, ate sop sodara at Kansas (kantin sastra), Mumu's non stop smiling face, Dhesa's roaring laughter (and sudden polite phone-answering-tone), Vina's tears (first and second term :p), and so on and so forth...

I spent a lot of time during undergrad with the uni choir, hence lots and lots of pics with them on facebook. But that doesn't mean I love P.Cantik any less. P.Cantik kept me alive in faculty, gave encouragements during difficult times, helped catch up with courseworks (and gossips). And they are all hard workers, which inspired me to try working as hard as they did. During my corporate days (tsah), the six of them graduated earlier. I finished last. But they kept supporting and helped me got through the dissertation and bloody academic bureaucracy.

I truly cherished the moment we shared in those four years. There are times when I feel I'm not as close to them as they are to each other. But that doesn't matter. I knew, and I still do, that I care about them abundantly. And I'd like to believe they do too.

Those times in undergrad.
P.Cantik! Hidup bencong!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My life, nowadays, mostly has been spent in this particular corner. I don't really like to study by myself in library. Have done group works in library of course, usually in John Rylands lib. Oh and the other day I found Coke official company report in Eddie Davies lib!! I'll make a post about the libraries here sometime. Anyway. I do most of my work in this corner. I need space, need music, moving around, while writing or reading. Particularly when feeling productive, I'd dance. True story. The downside of this method, of course, are the distractions. Facebook, streaming,, online shops... But so far I've always completed tasks, never missed deadlines, and I do my readings. But may be just for the sake of the experience, I should try sit down for hours in library... May be just to be around with people.... Now that's creepy, tone it down, no need to expose yourself furthermore particularly that side. Moving on.

I'd like to share my precious precious corner with you people. I appreciate your visit(s) to this blog and actually read my writing. And yes Bogie, even after what you did, I still appreciate your visits here.

laladanilela's sanctuary.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Diderot Effect

"Diderot was given a new, red gown as a present. Because it made other items in his study look shabby, he progressively replaced his desk, curtains, and carpet so that they went with his new robe." ; G.McCracken.

One new thing drive you to purchase a whole other things. Sounds vaguely familiar.
Ehm. No actual self reflecting will be written furthermore. Still... I'll just cough. UHUK UHUK.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

This is an article I wrote a couple of months ago. I don't know whether it was published or not, probably not, since I haven't heard back. Oh well, that's alright. I'd just like to post it here. :)


Yang saya maksud disini adalah mencoba suatu aktivitas yang benar-benar baru untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup Anda. Bukan sekedar mencoba restoran baru atau baju baru. Sebenarnya mencoba restoran baru bisa masuk sih, kalau Anda seumur hidup hanya makan di lima restoran berbeda dan tidak pernah mencoba restoran yang baru di buka di mall, misalnya. Tapi kalau Anda mencoba every new hip restaurant opened in town, well itu tidak masuk kategori the very FIRST TIME experience yang saya maksud. Pacaran dengan orang baru juga tidak termasuk. Terutama kalau Anda ganti pacar tiap minggu. Yang saya tanyakan adalah suatu aktivitas yang benar-benar tidak pernah Anda lakukan sebelumnya.

Menjalani hidup, kebanyakan dari kita mengerjakan rutinitas yang sama dari hari ke hari. Bangun pagi, ngetweet, pergi kerja atau kuliah seharian, pulang, ngetweet, tidur, bangun pagi lagi, ngetweet lagi, kerja atau kuliah lagi, pulang, tidur, ulang terus sampai weekend. Kalau Anda lagi nganggur, kemungkinkan rutinitasnya bangun jam 10, ngetweet, nonton tv/dvd, ngetweet, mandi sore, jalan-jalan, ngetweet, tidur lagi. Bahkan bagi Anda yang bukan 8-5 working person, pasti ada rutinitas, runtuntan kegiatan dalam menjalani hari. Nah. Pernah bosan? Pernah merasa kegiatan yang dilakukan itu-itu saja? I'm not saying that daily routines make your life boring. No. I think routines in some ways show stability. Tapi pernahkah Anda berpikir untuk sesekali mencoba hal yang benar-benar baru?

Dunia ini luas kawan, luas! Walau setiap hari rasanya ketemu orang-orang yang itu-itu saja, semua teman Anda saling mengenal satu sama lain, percayalah sesungguhnya dunia itu masih luas! Ada banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan di luar sana selain making money and meet friends and acquaintances. Misalnya yoga. Kaligrafi. Diving. Hiking. Merajut. Menggunakan cangkul. Tumbuk padi. Memancing. Ikut audisi reality show. Main mahjong. Igo. Enggo. Deklamasi. Kecapi. Sasando. Bikin keramik. Membersihkan ikan. Makan coto kuda (dengan asumsi Anda belum pernah makan daging kuda sebelumnya).

Menurut saya, selagi muda kita harus mencoba banyak hal. Doesn't necessarily try something then make it a hobby. Mungkin bahkan tidak akan menjadi a life changing experience. But still we need to try things, I think. Mencoba melakukan sesuatu yang baru sekali saja, for the sake of having the experience. Kalau beruntung, you might enjoy it. Kalau tidak beruntung, well, paling tidak seumur hidup sudah pernah coba sekali. Contohnya beberapa bulan lalu saya mencoba mengkonsumsi daging kerbau. Jadi kalau besok-besok *buagang* saya dipanggil Tuhan, orang tidak bisa bilang saat melayat, “Kasihan dia masih muda, tapi belum memenuhi kodratnya sebagai orang Toraja makan kerbau.” HAH! Sudah layaw! Saya sudah pernah mengendus, mengunyah, dan menelan daging liat apek-apek gurih itu. Atau parasailing. Setidaknya seumur hidup saya pernah merasakan sensasi diikat ke motorboat, terbang dan merasakan kencangnya angin menerpa. Amazing feeling, but I'm not gonna do it again.

Seperti yang saya bilang tadi, dunia ini luas. Dunia ini juga sudah tua. Setidaknya kita pernah mencoba melihat sebagian kecil dari dunia ini, melakukan aktivitas yang pernah diciptakan dan terjadi di dunia ini. Walaupun sekarang beli ikan bisa yang fillet di supermarket, tapi sebagai manusia tidak ada salahnya kan mencoba sensasi memegang ikan hidup-hidup, potong pakai pisau, membersihkan dan mengeluarkan bagian dalamnya? Atau menumbuk padi. Zaman sekarang sih mau makan nasi bisa tinggal telpon, sejam kemudian beras diantar kerumah terus kita masak dengan rice cooker. Tapi pernah gak sih, Anda berpikir bagaimana rasanya orang zaman dulu ambil padi, angkat alu (yang ternyata cukup berat, btw), terus menumbuk padi? Habis itu masih harus di tappi dulu. Prosesnya panjang sampai bisa makan nasi. Beratnya ya hidup orang dulu.

Anyway. Mencoba hal baru, menjejakkan kaki di tempat yang baru, merasakan sensasi yang belum pernah dirasakan sebelumnya. Seperti tagline produk bayi, yang diucapkan sambil berbisik untuk membuat kesan dramatis, “Life is an advanture!

Boyz II Men cover Utada Hikaru's

I have loved Utada Hikaru's First Love since forever. I remember listened to it from my sister's cassette player in elementary. And just recently I find out Boyz II Men cover her song!!! Well, the album was released in the beginning of this year, so no, this is not new. But still. I just find it out, so happy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble #2

Terbangun subuh2 tidak bisa tidur lagi mari ramble ramble lagi. after i got here, some people have asked me questions about studying abroad (good marks during uni, do ur best in ielts, dan modal - yang mana bisa didapat dari mana saja). disini ketemu dengan banyak orang2 pintar, yg skolah ksini dengan atau tanpa beasiswa. kalo dengar ceritanya, ada banyak sekali kesempatan buat dapat beasiswa. ada temanku malah dapat beasiswa Chevening PLUS beasiswa dari uni. pastinya ieltsnya bagus, rajin cari peluang dan komunikasi (kalo kek temanku itu, berhubung beasiswa Cheveningnya katanya kurang secara tuition fee di jurusannya mmg lebih mahal, dia hubungi uni of manchester, jelaskan situasinya, terus akhirnya doski dapat deh beasiswa tambahan! hebat yaaaa). THERE ARE A LOT OF WAYS. ada juga teman yang selalu bawa dalam doa biar dapat beasiswa, setelah 2 ato 3 tahun (sori nda yakin brp lama) menunggu doa dijawab sambil terus kerja akhirnya dia dapat jalan. dan dikasi beasiswa buat perusahaan. dan tuition feenya termasuk yang paling mahal setau ku, at least £10,000 lebih mahal dari tuition feeku. *Jadi AKBAR, kalo ko baca ini, semangat kooooo pasti bisa ke old trafford dengan beasiswa!! Amin.*
nah cerita lain adalah rembong alias rambut. di manchester raya ini banyak sekali model rambut aneh2. sekali lagi, berhubung saya tidak hobi foto, jadi ceritanya pake cerita saja nda pake bukti foto. anw. kalo kata temanku model2 rembong disini itu "architectural" as in tinggi, modelnya aneh2. tau amy winehouse? (may her rest in peace). nah amy winehouse rambutnya disasak tinggi menjulang kan? nah kurang lebih kek gitu, tapi dalam berbagai versi ketinggian, arah sasak, dan warna. misalnya siang ini sebelum seminar se liat cewe punk di Precinct dengan rambut orange terang. untung sekolah ke sini. jadi banyak liat hal aneh2. ahahahahahaa. apalagi kalo jalan2 pas weekend di daerah club2 (ato skalian pergi club) maka akan ketemu lebih banyak lagi model rambut unkonvensional dan inovatif. teruuus se masih belum ngantuk jadi se mo jawab satu lagi pertanyaan dari sodara akbar. apa saya sudah pergi nonton bola? jawabannya: hell yeah! I went to the England vs Spain friendly match last week!!!!! nontonnya di london, wembley stadion. tiketnya cukup bikin miskin, tapi dengan beberapa alasan berikut se memtuskan buat ikut pergi. pertama karena ini big match. kedua negara tersebut di atas adalah jagoan2 bola, apalagi mengingat spanyol juara dunia. jadi seru dooong bisa liat lampard, walcott, lescott, cole, JOHN HART, fabregas, xabi alonso, dan pemain big deal lainnya yang se nda tau. sejujurnya kulo bukan penggemar bola ya, jadi se cuma dijelaskan sama teman2ku yang sangat excited dan memang penggemar bola. kalo bukan penggemar bola, ngapain spent
£65 buat satu pertandingan ini? alasan kedua adalah IT'S PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. football is a huge part of england culture, not to mention here in manchester where two big football club located. jadi saya pikir, selama sekolah di inggris at least saya harus nonton bola sekali. untuk mendapat pengalaman nonton bola sama ribuan orang lainnya. untuk merasakan the huge excitement of the game with the people, the fans, the enthusiasts. nah gitu deh. kemarin di wembley, kita sampai di stasiun underground nya kurang lebih satu jam sebelum pertandingan. itu sudah cukup rame. as we walked to the stadium, keliatan ribuan orang antri. pas masuk stadium, JRENGJRENG penuh pemirsaaaaa. kemarin itu ada 87ribu penonton, kursi2 full, kecuali box2 VIP yang katanya ratusan ribu pound harganya (season ticket kalo nda salah), yang ini agak kosong2 walo nda melompong... terus sambil nonton pemain2 pemanasan, se memutuskan untuk dukung inggris, karena saya lagi sekolah di inggris. beberapa teman lain ada yg dukung berat spanyol, ada yg inggris, ada yang mo nonton saja. oh io, si sigit malah suru saya dukung italia karena dia penggemar italia. terus dia mulai menyanyi FABIO CAPELLOOOOO. which tunes now stuck in my head. anyway. seru skali, liat pemain2 masuk, bendera dibentangkan (di rumput), orang nyanyi anthem. terus ada satu menit hening, karena minggu lalu itu bersamaan dengan minggu peringatan buat orang2 inggris yang mati karena perang. jadi wasit semprit, hening cipta satu menit, terus prit hening cipta slese, terus WUOOOOOHHH orang2 langsung teriak sorak sorai. kai anis yang pesan tiket lebih sebulan sebelumnya pintar, kita dapat tempat duduk bagus di tengah. wuah rame mainnya, excitement menular, orang2 teriak, lagu2 penyemangat dinyanyikan.... terus berhubung saya juga orangnya antusias (bahasa halus dari norak), saya juga semangat dong. ikut teriak, ikut komentar, loncat2 pas inggris gol... aaaaahhhh menyenangkan.... terus lucu liat penonton inggris yang mabok. mereka ketawa2, teriak, goyang2, terus tepuk2 punggung penonton spanyol dll. nda rugi deh dapat pengalaman nonton bola. se bercita2 nonton MU, kan sudah skolah di manchester masa nda nonton klub terkenal? tapi nanti abis disertasi, kurang lebih setahun dari sekarang. hehehe. yah demikian, ngantuk mka lagi. yuk mari.

ps. i'd just like to record, that i got the chance to have an easy way. but i refused to do so, because i'd like to try on my own.

pps. this post's dedicated to akbar nurdin, except the part abt the hairstyles. smoga ceritaku bikin semangat kerja skripsi. terus ko ksini skalian buat Ph.D mi, biar lama tinggalnya. hehehehe

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble

It's 9.08pm. Done with my part for FA, or so i think, nanti kita liat apa komentar si gendut. kali ini malas menulis pake bahasa inggris. se suka deh menulis pake keyboard macbook ini, ringaaaaan skali. teruuuus apa diii.... ini baru tanggal 17 dan sudah miskin. hahahahaha ya gimana dong, sapa suru si kai ngajakin ke london. london itu besaaaaar rame.... se tidak terlalu suka. se suka kota kek manchester ini, mirip2 makassar dalam hal tidak terlalu rame tapi lengkap kok. wait, kalo mo dibandingkan manchester itu mungkin lebih mirip sama surabaya karna most things that available in jakarta also available in surabaya sama seperti most things that is available in london is also available in manchester. cerita lain adalah saya sukaaaaa skali kalo kuliah di gedung Mansfield Cooper, got 2 classes there. soalnya dekat dari rumah!! hihihi. tinggal 5 menit jalan kaki, jadi keluar flat 15menit sebelumnya lah. jalan2 super pelan dan santai menikmati pemandangan terus sampe dehhhh. apalagi apalagi di. oh iyo. semester ini saya ada 4 kelas (3 exam, 3 presentasi, 2 essay, 2 report). keliatannya tidak banyak? ya coba jalani maki pale sayam. nah anw, 4 kelas ini berlokasi di gedung yang beda2. katanya sih biar smua student tidak hanya ke gedung schoolnya saja, which makes sense. jadi 2makul di mansfield cooper, 1makul dan 2seminar di mbs west, 1seminar di harold hankins, 1lagi di simon building. kadang2 juga ada di alan turing. nah bayangkan mi waktu baru sampe di manchester. Empat puluh lima menit sbelum kuliah sdh berangkat, bawa peta dan cari2 gedung kuliah dan kelasnya. but what i love most about walking around campus is the people i see on the street. ada yang sangat fashionable, ada yang keliatannya sudah seminggu nda sentuh air, ada yg inggris skali (kaya di film2 awawaw terutama yg orang2 tua). ada satu profesor yang tinggi, agak gendut, rambut putih sebahu keriting megar. kalo datang mengajar pake kemeja dan jeans, terus pake coat panjang, topi fedora hitam, jalan ujan2 pake payung. aaaaaaah stereotype org inggris skaliiii se senaaaang seandainya akrab mo minta foto. terus di uni of manchester ini banyaaaaaaak skali orang oriental. terus modis2 lagi. jepang nda tralu banyak, tapi korsel, taiwan, china mainland banyaaaak. seandainya saya street style photographer, mungkin bakal keluar rumah 2 jam sbelum kuliah kali ya, foto2 org di jalan dulu. sukakuuuuuuuu. jalan ke kelas, in occasionally good days, kaya liat sartorialist. ya tidak sampe tiap hari juga pasti jalanan dipenuhi orang modis juga, kadang2 gayanya sama smua dari hari ke hari. tapi ada hari2 tertentu yang se beruntung spot on people with good sense of style, for me. terus disini banyak skali yg pake UGG boots. sbenarnya waktu sampe se juga pikir mo ka juga dehhh tapi kenyataan memang kejam. harganya terlalu ulala buat saya yang cuma setahun disini. jadi jangan mi deh. lebih baik uangnya jadi 2boots lain. hahahahahaha. cerita apa lagi diiiii. oh io ada minimarket belakang sainsbury's tutup. jadi mreka lagi diskon gede2an. on this special occasion, eke beli dish rack buat flatku. which reminds me buat cerita ada penghuni flat yg belum terdeteksi kalo mencuci gak bersih. plis dule, kan kita share piringnya, digosok dong digosok!!! hahhh.... ya gpp lah, masih mending kek gitu daripada cerita2 dari orang di flat lain yang makanannya dicuri, gak pernah buang sampah, ato tiap hari bertengkar sama pacarnya sampe kedengaran ke kamar sebelah. dan asal tau saja, dinding uni accommodation itu rata2 tipis. jadi kalo ko berteriak2 sama pacarmu sayang, pasti mi se bisa dengaaar. tapi berhubung ko teriak pake mandarin jadi se nda bisa nguping produktif. apa sihhhh... apalagi apalagi di. hari ini ada temanku datang ke kelas pake celana ungu dan baju biru hauhahahahahashahahahaahahahahahah (doski cowo btw). and not in a trendy way. se rasa lucuuuuu skali tapi temanku si amaka lebih jahat, dia bilang astagaaaa knapa ada orang berani muncul ke muka dunia pake baju begitu. hihhihihihihi. oh well. tapi habis itu doski datang kerja kelompok pake jeans, se curiga dia dengar kalo dia diketawai jadi pulang kuliah doski pergi ganti clana. hahahaha tau ah, dia nda peduli ji itu, orangnya sarkas ji jadi harusnya segitu aja nda bikin dia tersinggung. mudah2an. terussss mo ka cerita soal kangkung. disini susah cari kangkung dan sawi, kalo mau harus beli di supermarket di chinatown. se belum pernah beli, cuma tau dari temanku. mauku jaaaa. tapi sementara se sabar saja, toh nda sampe setaun pulang ma. jadi harus dinikmati tooooo. kaya tadi sore makan brownies m&m's (beli di minimarket yg mo tutup itu, diskon 30% tinggal 30pence huhuhuiii) ditemani dengan susu sapi segarrrr. enak enak enak.

kayanya cukup banyak mka ramble lek, yah demikianlah pemirsa.

yuk mari.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tulus - Tuan dan Nona Kesepian (lirik)

Tuan kesepian, tak punya teman
Hatinya rapuh tapi belagak tangguh
Nona tak berkawan tak pernah rasakan cinta
Sungguh pandai berkhayal, mimpi itu alamnya

Mereka berdua bertemu di suatu sudut taman kota
Bertatap tapi tak bicara, masing2nya menganalisa

Tuan apa yang salah padamu
Mengapa wajahmu ada seribu
Tuan apa yang salah padamu
Seakan dunia hanya ada kamu, kamu, kamu, kamu
Nona apa yang salah padamu
Apa enaknya tenggelam dalam khayal
Nona apa yang salah padamu
Kau tau ku tak punya hati, kau masih saja menanti

Mereka terlarut dalam ego
Hati tertutup diam kataku
Bergetar tapi tak berkaca suara hanya angin lalu
Nona jatuh cinta pada tuan
Tuan menunggu yang lain
Nona tak peduli walau tuan tak pernah peduli sekitarnya

Bumped into this song recently, found it lovely.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Danilela's Meal Math

This is another evidence of the widely known fact: cook your own meal is far cheaper than eating out.

The cheapest food I've found here is Panini in Precinct, £1.90
It's large, it's tasty, but the parlor doesn't open at night (doh).

Compare the cost of eating out with buying groceries, it's pretty damn cheaper! Hehehe.
I've also tried a whole week only eating homemade sandwich, it could cost slightly cheaper than cooking rice and simple dishes. But... For now, I need my Indonesian food :)


Friday, October 21, 2011

The First Month

It's been a month. A month and five days, to be exact.
First week I lost it and tired of the cold weather, the rainy days, seeing bules everyday, seeing bules in miniskirts on cold weather.
Now, I've gotten used to it.
The people, the bloody cold weather, the classes, the food, the buses, and all the shops. Oh all the shops...

I can cook now. Oh, yes I can ladies and gays. Yes, I can cook.
I can make sushi that tasted like sushi, sup ayam, ayam kecap, sup kacang merah, sup babi kentang, sayur asam, dll.
It's a miracle, I know! And not all of them needed the magic kaldu blok!!!

Anyway, also have made friends with some really nice people here. From Indonesia and other nations as well. I enjoy my class because of the variety of backgrounds (nationalities and field of expertise) which enrich the class discussion.

Also, I'm kinda learning Hindi now, from one of my classmates.
Mera naam Ella he.

Other things I enjoy so far is:
Milk (delicious, plain or chocolate, both are yumyumlipssmackingyum)
Walkers Chips
PRIMARK - say what u wanna say, it's heaven for retail therapy

Platt Field church.
It has a very welcoming atmosphere, great song selections, and so far always enjoy the service.
On my first week, I felt really homesick. I was up all night thinking about how much I wanna go home, why oh why did I decided to go so faraway from home to study...
The next day, I went to Platt Field church in Rusholme.
And that day theme was "Believing Jesus in a strange land"
Which ease my homesick feeling that particular day :)
Gave me strength that I need, remind me that when God opens a door He has a purpose. And I should believe in Him. That He would take care of me, here in the strange land.

Where the north wind blows
Where the leaves left trees after they changed color
Where the frozen rain occurs
In this strange land, He is still with me
Never alone

stair case to my home

Monday, August 22, 2011

Accessing Your Pain

Still related to previous post. Beside Firasat by Marcell, past experience enable me to access a painful memory and not just when singing this song. Even listening to it, my heart's pounding and there's a sinking feeling in my chest that burns a little. Well, past experience and Glenn's haunting vocals. I bet he access his pain a lot when singing this song.

What's odd, I think, is the experience isn't even mine. Years ago, my brother and his girlfriend had some problem. One time, they broke up. My brother got home, I don't know what was going on inside his head, but then I heard a howl. Perhaps he was frustrated he needed to scream. But that let out of his aching heart, my God, I can tell he was in great pain. I still can remember the sound to this day. It was like he was dreadfully wounded.

Months later, on his birthday, they met. The two talked privately, while a friend of theirs sang this song. After that beautiful moment, they reconciled.

Now they've got married and has the most handsome son. Yes people, I have a nephew who's even more handsome than Nicholas Saputra. Hahaha. Anyway.

The song is Tega by Glenn Fredly


di tengah rasa rinduku yg menggebu
kau bersama dia
di saat-saat ku menunggu dirimu
kau bersama dia
*courtesy of
reff: bila kau cinta aku
mengapa kau tipu diriku
tuk bersama dia

kau bunuh hatiku
saat ku bernafas untukmu
kau kebanggaan aku
yg tega menipuku



There are moments in your life when you get a hunch of what is going to happened. Maybe it's confidence, may be it's a coincidence, or you're somewhat of a soothsayer.

I love this song composed by Dewi Lestari, sang by Marcell, when the two still married.
The lyrics are poetic, naturally, given it's Dee who wrote it. The notes are is my vocal range, so this is one of my must sing karoke songs.
The song kinda brings back old memories, painful ones. Though it doesn't hurt anymore, it's there when I sing this song and it enables me to sing wholeheartedly. Like Rachel Berry said, to sing heartily you need to access you're pain....


kemarin kulihat awan membentuk wajahmu
desau angin meniupkan namamu
tubuhku terpaku

semalam bulan sabit melengkungkan senyummu
tabur bintang serupa kilau auramu
aku pun sadari, ku segera berlari

cepat pulang
cepat kembali, jangan pergi lagi
firasatku ingin kau tuk cepat pulang
cepat kembali, jangan pergi lagi

alirnya bagai sungai yang mendamba samudera
ku tahu pasti kemanakan ku bermuara
semoga ada waktu, sayangku

ku percaya alam pun berbahasa
ada makna di balik semua pertanda
firasat ini rasa rindukah atau kah hanya bayang
aku tak peduli, ku terus berlari

cepat pulang
cepat kembali, jangan pergi lagi
firasatku ingin kau tuk cepat pulang
cepat kembali, jangan pergi lagi

dan lihatlah sayang
hujan terus membasahi
seolah turun air mata

akupun sadari
engkaulah firasat hati

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey Ya!

Eight years ago I love this song so much, though I didn't really understand what it's about. All I knew that it was catchy and the girls in the video clip looked craaaaazy!
Now I watch the clip again and I gotta say it still is one of my all time favorite video clip. Why? Because the girls looked keraaaaaaayzeeeeee!! The song's also insanely fun and the lyrics are cool as well, I think.

HEY YA! from Outkast

vid from youtube:

1,2,3,4 go!

My baby don't mess around
Because she loves me so and this I know for show
but does she really wanna but can't stand to see me walk out the door

Don't try to fight the feelin' 'cause the thought alone is killin' me right now
Thank god for mommy and daddy for stickin' two together 'cause we dont know how

heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya

[Verse 2]

You think you've got it
oh, you think you've got it
but got it just don't get it
'til theres nothing at allll
ah allllll ah allllll
ah alll ah allllll

We've get together
ohhh we've get together
but seperate is always better
when there's feelings involed
ah alllll ah allllll
ah alllll ah allllll

If what they say is "nothing is forever"
then what makes then what makes
then what makes then what makes then what makes love is a exeception

so why-o why-o
why-o why-o why-o
Are we so in denial
when we know we're not happy here?

[Chorus (Andre 3000 Talking)]
(Ya'll dont wanna hear me you just wanna dance)
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
(dont want to meet your daddy)
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa
(just want you in my caddy)
heeey ya
(dont want to meet your momma)
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa
(just want to make you comma)
heeey ya

heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa
(I am, I am, I am, just being honest)
heeey ya

[Andre 3000 (Guys)]
hey! alright now alright now fellas
(yeaaa) now whats cooler than being cool? (ICE COLD!!)

i cant hear ya i say whats..
whats cooler than being cool (ICECOLD!!!)

All Right (15x)

[Andre 3000 (Ladies)]

Ok now ladies (yeah)
We gon break this thing down in just afew seconds
Now dont have me break this thing down for nothing
I wanna seeya'll on ur BADDDEST behavior
Lend me some sugar
I am your neighbor

Ah hear we go now

Shake it sh shake it
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it like a polaroid picture
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it sh shake it
Shake it sugar
Shake it like a polaroid picture

[Andre 3000 talking]

now all Beyonces and Lucy Lui's
and Baby Dolls get on the floor
you know what to dooooooooo
you know what to dooooooooo
ahhh you know what to do

heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya
heeeeeeeeeeeey yaaaa heeey ya

Brown Kirino! Nomor Satu Se-Jepang!

This manga is SEMI-HENTAI, for 18y.o

Onsen Paradise
by Shota Kikuchi is one of my all time favorite manga.
It's about a woman named Brown Kirino, aged unknown, who owns a hot spring - although throughout the four series it has rarely shown any paying guest stay there unlike in most onsen in another mangas I've read, except for Kirino's friends and visitors. She works as a writer and lives with Lolimomo, her housekeeper. The story revolve about Kirino's and her friends as well as the people in her town's life.

Brown Kirino is drawn as a woman with severe sex appeal. She wears yukata or kimono most of the time, but sometimes she also wear western clothes. Despite her careless attitude, she has deep knowledge about Japanesse tradition as well as antique items. Not only she knows greatly about it, she lives the tradition as well. Never shown owning television, her favorite entertainment is drinking sake and eating sashimi on antique utensils while watching the full moon. She loves sake and shopping antiques, mostly porcelaine sake jar or ceramics plate for the snacks to accompany the sake. Brown Kirino is potrayed as a legendary gorgeous woman who lives in a small town whom even more popular than movie stars (as told in ep.24).

What I love most about this manga is the peculiar subjects it proposes: red ginger that makes people forget, going to unatetsu to eat unagi, a girl who farted in front of her boyfriend, a girl who forget to flush the toilet, magic sake jar, lower body hair, kinako mochi, kotatsu, and so on and so forth.

This manga contains more footnotes than any other manga that I've ever read. I love it. So glad the translator decided to keep a lot of the Japanese phrases!
Well. Doesn't mean I'll love it when suddenly every manga is full with footnotes. Anyway.

Favorites quotes and jokes from Onsen Paradise:

"Sampai bilang mau membuang jati diri cewek, lakukan setelah jadi perempuan."
"To say gonna throw away identity as a girl, do it after become a woman."

"Ini kebijakan dan logika dari alam"
"This is wisdom and logic from nature"

"Supaya dapat harga awal yang rendah di pasar ikan"
"To get low beginning price in the fish market"

"Musim panas memang harus panas! Kalau takut terik matahari, gimana bisa makan dengaku?!"
"Summer is supposed to be hot! If afraid to sunshine, how could you eat dengaku?!"

"Untuk membelah unagi perlu latihan tiga tahun, untuk membuat kushi perlu delapan tahun! Untuk merebus delapan tahun, dan untuk membakarnya butuh waktu seumur hidup!"
"To split unagi need three years training, to make kushi need eight years! To boil eight years, and to roast them need a lifetime!!"

"Brown si setan ingatan, yang nggak akan melupakan dendam dan utang!"
"Brown the memory demon, who won't forget grudge and debt!"

"L-U-P-A-K-A-N S-A-J-A S-E-M-U-A M-A-R-I M-E-N-A-R-I S-A-J-A"
"F-O-R-G-E-T E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G L-E-T'-S J-U-S-T D-A-N-C-E"

"Reversed Bingo"

"Laki-laki yang telah memakai habis keberuntungannya"
"The man who has out used his luck"

"Buat apa aku ikut kegiatan bocah yang namanya bahasa asing semua begitu?"
"What for should I join those childish foreign names activities?"

"Aku nggak punya waktu untuk pergi ke tempat bermain bocah yang penuh mesin dan berbahasa asing begitu"
"I don't have time to go to child's playground which filled with machines and in foreign language like that"

"Itu Brown!!""Bohong!! Masa?! Yang asli?!""APA? Brown yang jadi bahan pembicaraan itu?! Untung kita datang!!"

Awesome :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Manga In My Life, Nowadays

This is a list of manga series I'm currently reading.
No cute comments, no reviews, just list.

Red cell is the highly recommended one, yellows are the recommended ones, and whites are good but you won't die if you don't read it.

No. Title Author
1 DUA AKOYA Suzue Miuchi
2 Bambino! Sekiya Tatsuji
3 Half An Apple Yukari Koyama
4 Hotaru's Light Satoru Hiura
5 Onsen Paradise Shota Kikuchi
6 Yotsuba! Kiyohiko Azuma
7 Daydreaming Yoshimura Akemi
8 Tomo'o Oda Tobira
9 Yokohama Chinatown Nishi Yuji, Hikino Shinji
10 Miiko Ono Eriko
11 CESARE Fuyumi Souryo
12 The Drops of God Tadashi Agi, Shu Akimoto
13 Bronze Angel Saito Chiho
14 Miso-Com Rika Yonezawa
15 Oh Butterfly Oh Flower Yoshihira Yuki
16 Historie Hitoshi Iwaaki
17 Death's Notice Mase Motoro
18 Team Medical Dragon Nogizaka Taro
19 Otoboke Section Chief Masashi Ueda
20 Kobo Chan Masashi Ueda
21 Kariage Kun Masashi Ueda
22 Shattered Knife George Asakura

Moves Like Jagger

Just a couple of weeks ago my friend told me about this song, since then I've been singing it all the time. And then I watched the video and it is insaaaaaneeeeeeee...!
Mr. Levine is smoking hot, Ms. Aguilera as hot as ever, and on top of it all Mr. Mick Jagger. Mr. Mick Jagger, shirtless, and moves so freakin sexy.

"Moves Like Jagger"
(feat. Christina Aguilera)

[Verse 1]
Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And aim for my heart
If you feel like
Can take me away and make it OK
I swear I'll behave

You wanted control
So we waited
I put on a show
Now I make it
You say I'm a kid
My ego is big
I don't give a shit
And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like jagger

I don't need to try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

You with the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

[Verse 2]
Baby it's hard
When you feel like you're broken and scarred
Nothing feels right
But when you're with me
I make you believe
That I've got the key

So get in the car
We can ride it
Wherever you want
Get inside it
And you want to steer
But I'm shifting gear
I'll take it from here
And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

I don't need to try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

You want to know how to make me smile
Take control, own me just for the night
But if I share my secret
You're gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this

So watch and learn
I won't show you twice
Head to toe, ooh baby, rub me right
But if I share my secret
You're gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this

And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

I don't need to try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger

*video courtesy of, lyrics of

Club Cant Even Handle Me Right Now

Perhaps it's the catchy title, the upbeat tunes, or probably the excitement I'm feeling as the day of going to Manchester is approaching closer and closer, now I find myself listening to this song over and over. In my playlist and inside my head.

*lyrics courtesy of

- Flo Rida

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

I own the light and I don't need no help
Gotta be the feeling that scarface player
Stuntin go wild can't handle this plan
Life of the club arrogant like yeah!
Top like money all the girls just melt
Want to many all know me like Twelve
Look like cash and they all just stare
Bottles, Models, standin on chairs
Fall out coz that's the business
All out it's so ridiclous
Zone out so much attention
Scream out I'm in the building (hey! )
They watchin I know this
I'm rockin I'm rolling
I'm holding, I know it
You know it

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

Still feelin myself I'm like outta control
Can't stop now more shots lets go
Ten more rounds can I get a Kato
Paparazzi trying to make me pose
Came to party to I came no more
Celebrate coz that's all I know
Tip the groupies takin off their clothes
Grand finale' like superbowl
Go hard run the show
That's right wild out got money to blow
More light more ice when I walk in the door
No hype I do it big all over the globe

I said it
Go tell it
Who ready?
I'm ready!
You ready!
Lets get it!

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you watchin me we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )

You got me watchin now (hey)
Got my attention now (hey)
Got everybody in the club wanting to know now
I am a ladies man
Come and be my lady and...
We can ball, soo, ahhhhhh
Bring ya body here let me switch up the atmosphere
Take you up out of this club and in my new limo
Fly you all around the world
What you want baby girl
Are you ready to go now!

You know I know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
Watchin you watchin me we go all out
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
(Put your hands up! )
The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)
(Put your hands up! )
Lets celebrate now
(Put your hands up! )
You know who shut it down!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


"Glory to my Nation!!"

Mafalda is a comic strip created by Argentine author, Quino.
The background was in the 60s-70s, when Argentine
was ruled by autocratic military regime. Mafalda, aged 5, potrayed the young generation from middle class economy.
She criticized the situation in her country from an innocent child's perspective.
rougout the series, Mafalda constantly asked questions, made observations, complained, and criticized social, politics and international situations to her parents and friends.
She did this so frequently sometimes she annoyed people around her

Other characters are Mafalda's friends such as Felipe the dreamer, Manolito the capitalist, Susanita the bourgeouise, Libertad the radical, Mama and Papa (Mafalda's parents), Guille – Mafalda’s little brother, and Miguelito the philosoper.
What amazes me is even though the comic was created decades ago in Argentine, it's still relevant today in Indonesia...
Guess the world hasn't changed all that much, has it?

In 2000, Quino once stated, "The world now is still the same with the world Mafalda harshly criticized in 1973, when I no longer continue the comic strip, or even worse. I'm glad the comic is still being read, but
in the other hand it's sad to think that social injustice that she complained about it still existing until now.

Mafalda is so little and adorable, yet she's so critical and curious about the situation in her country and the world. Add the various mix of personalities of her friends, the characters make this comic as an everlasting work, incite millions of readers across the globe with the wit, sarcasm, and humour.

Let the comic speaks for itself.
Here are some of my personal favorite stripes of Mafalda :)

Mom: What are you pretend-playing, kids?

Kids: We're the government.

Mom: OK. But don't do something stupid, ok.

Maf: Chill, Mom. We really ARE not doing anything.

Mom: MAFALDA! Take your jacket off the floor!

Maf: No way! I don't need to bow on anyone's order! I'm the president!

Mom: Oh OK! But mommy's the World Bank and IMF!

Maf: (thinking) Wow. Mom IS smarter than me.

Teacher: ... So in conclusion, what shape is the earth?

Mano: Hmm... Eee... Oh! Circle.

T: Circle. That's right! Now, our earth also has area that narrows down... where?

Mano: Eh... Spirit?

S: So when we're adult, we're gonna be big madams that establish foundati on to help those poor and helpless people!
S: And then.... We're gonna host charities that serves a lot food! Chicken, ducks, beef, and a lot more! Then we'll gather a lot of funds!
S: To buy bread, beans, eggs, and you know, that sort of stuff, for them.

S: Felipe, no need to be so bumped about your disloged teeth! The mice will take and trade it with money!
F: Reaaaaally? Moneeeey? From mice? For MEEEE??
S: Yes.
F:(thinking) I never thought that mice are animals that so...
F: It's horrifying, isn't it? Just now I learnt to hate other being because of money!

S: On and on with politics! Go on! You Make me sick with politics!
S: Politics is a disaster! Politics is everybody's fault. Politics this, politics that....
S: You know what you are? You are politics daughter in law! Nah! There!

Mafalda reading from dictionary; Democracy (origin Greek word, Demos: people, and Kratos: p ower) a government form where power is within people's hand.

On a related note, I sent a comment to Mafalda fanmail, and it was published at the back cover! Hoorah!! :D


* btw, forgive my poor translation. Huhuhu