Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belut Kesengsaraan

Anyone have read "The Magic Thief" book? The author Sarah Prineas use this phrase: "misery eel". Or in Indonesian, "belut kesengsaraan".

Do you see how fascinating the phrase is?
Eel is a slippery cold blooded creature. Associate it with a noun, misery.
How do you describe the feeling misery? Lonely? Distress? Discomfort?

Imagine when you're feeling misery.
All those burdens on your back, suffocating feelings, chills in your bones.... Like a slimy cold eel sliding down your neck, stifling you....

"The rain started up again, not a hard rain, but a cold one, just enough to get into your bones and make you shiver. A good night for misery eels."
- the magic thief


These days you cant write anything on the net. Express your feelings, disgust, mocking others...
And you can do it anonymously, without having to take responsibilities on what you have said. There are some problem occurring in this org, but I'm no longer an active member of it. And it frustrates me that I cant do anything about it. I commented once, anonymously sadly, I'm such a coward, not directly talk to the ones I thought I should speak my mind to. Oh what is this crap I'm writing. I don't make any sense. It's just... I'm in no capacity to meddle in the problems, I think. But to see them attacking each other so ferociously, and via a public media so that everyone can see what supposed to be for insiders only.... ARGH!!! I admit im just as coward, dont have the guts to tell them in their face. but im no longer an active member. or im just scared? because i dont want to trouble myself w/ problems i no longer have nothing to do with. i dunno. im just babbling now. my i shouldnt even write this post.

i only wish they would talk directly, face to face, you know?

not on statuses where EVERYONE can see?
dont they care? arent they used to be friends?

ah im just as coward.
here i am writing in my blog that no one visits, about a problem i dont even dare to mention what is exactly.