Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you think you're an avid manga reader, well, then this manga is highly recommended. The creators are the same people whom made Death Note.

Takeshi Obata, the sensei doing the drawing is also the one draws Hikaru No Go *uhuuuuukkk whenever that manga come across my mind, I instantly reminded of the scene when Fujiwara disappeared and left Hikaru all alone :'( powerful stuff man, that particular scene leaves a strong impression in my mind. Anyway.*

BAKUMAN is about two mangakas, collaborating in order to become one successful mangaka. One does the drawing and the other does the storyline. Kind of Obata and Ohba, this series creator actually. As the story goes there will be plenty of characters who collaborate like they do.

What I like most of BAKUMAN is the characters are such passion driven individuals. All this time I've been reading manga, it always shown that the person who's making them live a modest life. You know, there are side stories in manga about the writer right. Well, most of the stories show that mangakas aren't that, well, rich. Even though their work are highly famous, it doesn't mean it'll create instant load of money. Mangakas are famous, especially if they able to create well known mangas right. But doesnt necessarily mean they'll make load of bucks.

It just fascinates me.
I mean, most people work that hard in order to be able to live well right? May be BAKUMAN doesn't tell everything about mangakas real life, but that's the idea im getting...

And boy they work hard. Mangakas, I mean. They work so very hard! As pictured in this series.


Prettiest Rings

Earrings and gigantic pretty ring. Yahoooo
Bought in a bazaar and levelone