Wednesday, February 29, 2012

British Cake

By cake, i mean face powder and foundation. These girls like to cake their faces! Just went to the laundry and saw five caked-faces. That's many because the distance from my flat to laundrette room is a mere 40m or so. I am guilty of caking my face as well, especially during choir days. But here, a lot of them cake their faces on daily basis. It's freaking jersey shore but it's offshore...5.403.4km apart... Some do look pretty and natural and glamorous... But there are some whom just put way too much you can tell her real face is buried 5cm underneath all the products.
I'm not saying I look better than cake-faced girls, just saying they look a bit...hmm...unconventional.

On not so related note. I haven't made any British Tea Time post with real cakes, have I? Will do soon.

Now THAT is what computers can't do.

I made a post about this manga, Otoyomegatari, some time ago. It mainly about a super sensei mangaka named Kaoru Mori. She has some SICK expertise on drawing manga details.

Loud Pictures

Found youtube videos where she just sat there, drawing pictures. Blows my freakin mind.
And she draws that pretty details with pretty nails. MASTER.

Well. I'm no computer experts, but I'm pretty sure it can't draw like that.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trouble - NSN

During my youtube hour of the day, I found this cute song.
To me, it sounds like a heartfelt tune of a teenager. Falling in love for the first time. :)

Trouble - by Never Shout Never

I'm in trouble
I'm an addict
I'm addicted to this girl
She's got my heart tied in a knot
And my stomach in a whirl

But even worse
I can't stop calling her
She's all I want and more
I mean damn
What's not to adore?

I've been playing too much guitar
I've been listening to jazz
I called so many times
I swear she's going mad
And that cellular will be the death of us
I swear, I swear

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh

I'm running my mouth
Just like I got her
But I surely don't

Because she's so
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Rock 'n roll
And out of my league
Is she out of my league?
Let's hope not

I'm in trouble
I'm so cliché
See that word just wears me out
Makes me feel like just another boy
To laugh and joke about

But even worse
I can't stop calling her
I love to hear that voice
And honestly
I'm left with no choice

I've been playing too much guitar
I, I've been listening to jazz
I called so many times
I swear she's going mad
And that cellular will be the death of us
I swear, I swear

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh

I'm running my mouth
Just like I got her
But I surely don't

Because she's so
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Rock 'n roll
And out of my league
Is she out of my league?
Let's hope not

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Ooooh, oooh

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dilema - BoyzIIBoys covers CherryBelle

Cheesy songs, when given to proper singers, usually would turn into cool songs.
Case in point, this song by cheeky girlband from Indonesia. I really like the version by BoyzIIBoys. They don't have the most original name, but they sound really nice. The intro comedic thing a bit too long. Nevertheless, they sing wonderfully. :D

Dilema (lirik)

Tuhan tolong aku
Ku tak dapat menahan rasa di dada (rasa di dada)
Ingin aku memiliki
Namun dia ada yang punya

Tuhan bantu aku
Ternyata dia kekasih sahabatku
Entah apa yang sanggup kukatakan
Hatiku bimbang jadi tak menentu

Bukan maksud diriku
Buat melukai hatimu
Namun aku juga manusia

Yang ingin merasa cinta (ingin merasa, ingin merasa)
Never never want you
Really really love you
Maafkan aku mengecewakanmu
Never never want you
Really really love you
Segera aku melupakan dirinya

Chris Eickman Song (sort of)

My friend @iipewepe ask on twitter earlier about this song we used to sing in the university choir. I love this song, it was one of my favorite back in choir days. Unfortunately could not remember all the lyrics. Manage to remember some though. Not even sure if I got the name right. Oh well. To make up for the forgotten lyrics, made a video of me singing the alto part. :p

"Hear! Hear! Chris Eickman, history.
His noble path to glory
In time of first creation, bacterial infection
Emerging plagues reveal the cause
That science once nanananana
Nananananananananana involved
but no one had it, yet, resolved.

Rice and chicken
They reveal the keys
To the cause of this disease
And we honor Eickman
Yes we honor Eickman
And we sing and pray for him today
And we honor Eickman
Yes we honor Eickman
And we sing and pray for him todaaaaaay!"

The random things I do on a quiet Saturday night..... -_____________-

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooking is About Common Sense

That is the exact words of Mr. Albert Aaron. Beside photography, he is also a skillful cook!
He doesn't cook to recipes, mind you. Well, most of the time. Anyway. This post is not about Albert's cooking!
Following his suggestion, I tried to cook some simple dishes. Used simple ingredients, common sense, no recipe!! After some experiments, cooking is not that difficult. Especially for simple dishes like these :D

rice + corn + shrimp + chicken + garlic + shallots + chili + cheese stick

Pork + paprika + mixed spices + nutmeg + red onion

pork + red onion + nutmeg + mixed spices + tomato sauce + garlic + mashed potatoes

sliced pork + red beans + red onion + soy sauce + mixed spices

Well, for this dish, I did use a recipe. So simple!
Minced beef + red onion + egg + mixed spices + peas + corn + cheese

chicken + paprika + red onion + chili + garlic + bumbu ayam goreng Kokita. HIHIHI

mashed potatoes from Tesco + minced beef + egg + red onion

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still in Elation: More LFW Stories

All photos belong to Mr. Albert Aaron Purnomo of @simply_albert.

Related to the last post. By the consent of the photos owner, I would love to share more stories of me, Albert, and Rivel's experience in London Fashion Week arena on February 20th 2012.

Apparently, LFW autumn/spring 2012 started on last Friday, February 17th . There are several venues for the fashion shows. After finish with visa process in Holland Park, we took the London tube and went to the LFW venue in Somerset House near Trafalgar Square.

And boy did everyone there dressed to the max. I mean. Gosh. Forget your usual upper class department stores in Jakarta. There were so many people in stylish, high street, and (some) bizarre outfits. So many colors. Countless architectural hairs.

In addition, that afternoon everyone was relatively friendly. Of the hundreds people Albert asked permission to take the picture of, literally only one person refused to. And it was merely because he was late for a show. I figure, of course they agree to be photographed, must took them quite a lot of effort of deciding what to wear, who to wear, how they were going to wear it, how much to spend on attending-London-fashion-week attire ... There's this one girl who used scarf as camera holder. Talking about doing every single detail to be stylish. Man.

these guys are supposed to be famous, taken from the number of photographers who jumped when they enter the venue. Albert googled them after, and her name was Mollie King?
Funny thing was, a lady also took pictures of them beside Albert. After that she asked us who they were, but we were just as clueless. Huhuhu.

Albert's favorite photo object that day :p

bet he has a sweet ride.

this guy in particular were very friendly.
He was very tall, so he posed like this in order to Albert could take his picture more easily.

Yang punya foto.

Good job with the photos, Albert!! Rivel hasn't upload his, but I'm sure they are just as awesome. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starstruck: Garance Dore and Scott Schuman

In flesh. Went to London this morning to apply for Greek visa with Albert and Rivel. Albert suggested us to check out London Fashion Week should the we had time. Fortunately, the visa application process did not take very long. So we went. To. London Fashion Week. I was so excited, hoping I could meet bryanboy, one of my most favorite fashion blogger.

Now. You can tell that I am not the most fashionable person in the world when you see me. Nor am I the chicest chick in the bunch nor do I wear high end branded items. Keeping up with the latest trends exhaust me. However, I do like to try dressing smartly, playing dress ups in my room, and am very fond of well dressed people. These past years I don't buy fashion magazines on regular basis anymore because of fashion blogs. Love them mainly for three reasons: free access, clever writing (glamor and cool without greater than thou attitude), and most importantly the immense style inspiration.

Well. This afternoon. Met. Two. Of. All time. Favorite. Bloggers.

Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist
Garance Dore of Garance Dore

Garance Dore. She's a fashion photographer, illustrator, and writer. Love her writing, she's really witty and funny! And she was very nice to me as well.... Goodness!!!! I was so excited and in awe....
Scott Schuman is also a fashion photographer. This man. I read somewhere that he's one of the pioneers of street style photography. He is one of the biggest fashion bloggers now. Well it used to be a blog, now it's a dotcom. He's a front row-er in fashion shows and very cool in person.
I go to their sites every other day and admire their work and wit.

"Hey Garance? I'm a big fan!"

Got starstruck. Badly. I was sooooo happy and stunned. Man. The amount of happiness in me was so tremendous, didn't realize that I did not take any picture with Scott Schuman until we went home. This may be the first time I got so idiotic when meeting someone famous. This does not happen to me when going to concerts. When you go to concert, you know you're going to see the artist. You pay to see them. You are prepared. And usually I don't really want to take my pictures with famous people, I'd rather take pictures of them. But these two. Man. Man. Man. Man. SYALALALLALALAAAA

Btw someone asked a picture of me hahaha. Not really sure if she will post my picture, but asking is a compliment enough for me, ahuhuhu.

Salam norak selalu!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dragon Ball

Due to the lack of interesting new manga titles and new releases, I'm currently re-reading Dragon Ball. And let me state here that Dragon Ball is an ingenious work. I'm talking about clean original artwork, not over the top battle scenes (for my taste), and very very humorous with just a tiny dash bit of healthy perverted jokes. Very nice. I remember reading this series from my brother's and my little cousin's collections as a child. Alongside Doraemon.

It is safe to say that Dragon Ball is one of the best battle manga ever created, if not the pioneer. I think it has a very interesting concept, about a very strong powerful purehearted boy who turns out to be an alien named Goku. And then there are several different levels of gods ruling different territories and galaxies. In addition, the king of Dragon Ball's earth is a dog whom wear glasses. Goku would later have two sons. He has several very good powerful bestfriends, a genius engineer friend whom later would marry someone from Goku's home planet, a perverted master, a wife who can do kungfu but prefer their sons to become scholars, and a handful list of very strong alien enemies whom he has defeated. The battle settings take in many interesting places, including a planet which the locals do not have gender (and therefore have no genitals? maybe?). Goku and his friends are so good with martial arts that enable them to fly. I think it's called the air dance technique? He also can became a super saiya, saiya being the name of his species since he's not human of earth. Goku's a Saiyan. When he releases all of his power, he transforms into a Super Siayan with blazing fire surrounding him (im assuming it's his power? ki?) and in this state he turns blonde. BLONDE, I tell you. How cool is that.

Now. Dragon Ball series went for nine years. After that, there are other spin off versions. I think it was a wise decision to stop series after that long period of time. I mean, a story have got to end somehow. That's why I understand Harry Potter ended after seven books. Harry has been through enough. But that does not mean we can not have other stories about Hogwarts right? Right?? Anyway. A story got to end somehow. I don't understand why Detective Conan is still running. I know it's very popular and everything. But come on!! Enough already!! Ok. I'm going off topic. As I were saying, it is good that Dragon Ball has ended and it gives millions boys and girls happiness and the joy of Kamehameha. Emm. Kamehameha is a power ball which you release to destruct and it is very cool. Ok.

By the way, there is this guy on Youtube named KevJumba. He is very funny, if anyone's reading this, you should check him out. Anyway. He made this one post one time about being so pissed and angry about the Dragon Ball movie. He said the effects was terrible and the thing he hates the most is the actor playing Goku. I agree. Despite that Goku is white in that movie, his hair is not extremely spiky. Let me explain. Goku should not be portrayed by a white guy or a black guy or indonesian. Because. From the beginning of the series, he eats with chopsticks!! It's very clear in the story that he is from asian heritage, look at his grandpa's clothes! Good grieve. More importantly is the hair. Goku's hairstyle SHOULD be extremely spiky and unearthly! He's not human for goodness sake. Hahhhhhhh.

Let me show you Goku's picture. You see? Very spiky unhuman hairstyle, clothes with mandarin/kanji/whatever emblem, shaolin style shoes.
The blond babe with green eyes. He can turn into Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3. Damn.

Lastly. I was so excited when I saw this. I didn't realize it when reading it for the first time during elementary. But around a week ago, when I saw this I thought: VERY COOL!! BALI architecture in Dragon Ball! The picture below is the scene of Goku went to Tenkaichi Budokai (martial arts championships). Look at the gate. The committee's member hat. Even Goku's master's luggage has Bali sticker on it.

Also, found this article from google which confirms it.
The source is not very ligitimate ( due to incomplete referencing).
However, given all the details of every tenkaichi budokai scenes it is very undeniable that Bali inspired the author of drawing it. And if you google it you'll find I'm only one out of hundreds of people whom notice this.

Yeah, I love manga. Someday I'll make money out of this passion.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuned into during Zaman Batu

Some old songs I listen to during secondary school and undergrads. I am not posting all the songs I used to like, there would be too many... Neri per caso is not on this list because I may have posted too many of their songs. Wait. Who am I kidding. You can never have too many Neri Per Caso!!

You're Gonna Love Me & I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston

It's Not Right but It's OK - Whitney Houston

Clumsy - Fergie

Never too Far - Mariah Carey

Le Ragazze - Neri per Caso

Do It with Madonna - Androids

Androids. Man. What honesty.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Have Nothing

another rambley ramble ramble post.

Everytime death news comes across any social media, especially if it's about a world icon, I can't help but think about life and death. It's so sad. When a soul departed, there are people left behind. It is part of life. The question is, what have the soul had made use with its life? Has one accomplished things? Dedicated life for career, dedicated life for some one else, or simply let life pass by? Each life journey, I say, have their own arguments. I'm not trying to preach anything here. I just have these thoughts and would like to write it down in my blog. Now. When I think about Whitney Houston, I think about my mom. My mom is a big fan of hers. She likes to sing with her style and sings to her songs. I remember during secondary school my mom would exercise using Whitney's upbeat songs. One of Whitney's song I love the most came from this memory, "It's not but it's OK". My mom has the album, play it in the morning, hence it stuck in me. A couple of days ago, she died. Some people say she died of drugs. It's so sad. Pondering on reasons of drug using. Why would people use drugs. May be out of curiosity. May be for the sake of the experience. I don't know. When celebrities use drugs, could it be because they have everything so they want something that they are not supposed to have? It is a possibility. Then I think about people who take their own life. One must be in a severe self depression and sadness and deep dark emotion to undertake such thing. Thinking about this I am very grateful for knowing Jesus. I'm not saying people who do drugs or suicidal don't know Him. May be they do. I can't speak for them. All I know, when I'm in a dark place, I know there's ONE guy who would never leave. All I know, there's a guy whose love for me so big He died for me. And He comforts me. And strengthens me. He let me know, even if I'm not bright not smart not pretty not funny not nice not anything, He still cares for me. I pray for those who is in a dark place. May love reaches you. And may you able to open your heart and receive the abundant love someone out there so readily give you. One more thing. I read some comments about people ranting about the comments on Whitney's death. They rant about people showing sympathies and condolences on her death, saying they don't really know her and they overreacting and there are many people die everyday and not everyone mourn them. Well. To that, I say that that is the show of affection and love. Whitney's works have touch so many people. I am one of millions who cry to her songs after a break up. That's the thing with music. It touches your heart. When a musician able to touch your heart so deeply and she passed away, you show your affection and love towards her. I think it's one of the wonders of life. People mourn for other people they admire, respect, care for, especially the ones they love. Let me stop here before ramble some more.

Lastly, this is a video of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
Heard it in high school. Kinda motivated me to ran as ketos, which I won.

There can be miracles when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

When You Believe - Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston