Monday, March 26, 2012

The Spirit of Things

I went to Albert & Bintang's church today, Audacious Church. The sermon was excellent. It is something that I've heard a couple of times, but so often forget.

The reason we obey is not in hope to get into heaven.
Heaven is already given to us, by Jesus' sacrifice. And that is why we obey.
We obey because we love Him, not because we HAVE to obey. We obey because we want to please him. Not so we can earn freedom. Freedom is already given to us. He is a BIG God. He doesn't need a huge checklist of what we do and what we do not do. He sees our heart.
The priest this morning gave one example that I thought so hilarious yet so true. He and his friends were fasting. And some of his friends were arguing over whether they can drink tea during fasting. And he reaction was, "Who cares? Don't get so caught up in details, in breaking down things. It's the spirit of things that is important."

This brings me to my previous post. For some reason, I felt guilty and ashamed for admitting that I went to pub. But why should I? I didn't get drunk. I had a drink, yes, a glass of beer. Did Jesus ever said you may not drink alcohol? I don't think so. It is drunkenness, crapulence, that He doesn't approve. My priest at Platt Field drink a glass of beer. And so is my friend David, who regularly invites my classmates to his church bible study. This thought brings me to another things. Why do nuns wear robes and monks shave their head? One of the reason, I believe, is so people see to their behavior instead of their appearances.

I like to believe that God is big, He looks past appearance and into my heart. In the end, what good is a clean act if the heart is filled with hatred and jealousy?

When Jesus was asked by the pharisees about what is the most important commandment, He did not chose one law. He summarized. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these."

This post is not meant for self justify or whatever it may seems. I heard it this morning, and I'd like to share. Someone told me a while back I don't do "pencitraan diri". This is true, to some extent. Most of the time I don't really care what people think of me. Sometimes this is good but sometimes it bothers me. However, this morning I was assured that Jesus himself love me the way I am. That is why I am trying my best to show that I love Him as well.

Lastly, the sermon this morning reminded me of Pywedont. He, too, told me this good news of God's graciousness a year ago. It is overwhelming how much I love him. I miss him so much.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

So I Just Got Home From A Pub

*reader discretion is advised*

It's called the Footage at Oxford. The place is cool. It's big, wasn't overcrowded, the music was good, there were game machines, pool tables, lots of tables and stools for people to have drinks while having conversations, and so on. So me and my friend, Amaka, were having nice chat (read: gossiping) when we notice some "interesting" people. After a couple of hours of observation, I'm compelled to write about it now. Because, boy, I saw some unique characters! These characters drew my attention because I don't see many of them, especially back home. According to Amaka, these characters are typical and you can always spot them in most pubs, most clubs.

Character #1: Need-some Gal/Dude (wingman is optional)
I know the term wingman from the TV series How I Met Your Mother. It's basically a dude (or a gal) who help his/her friend to get laid. So earlier this evening, I saw this girl whom wore a bright pink neon bracelet. She was dancing with her friend (winggirl suspect), shaking her booty, eyeing guys... This is a pub, mind you. So you can dance, but contrary to clubs, you're not oblige to. Not that hot, anyway. I mean, man, was she shake her thing. You can tell she's looking for attention. That was the reason that made us came to conclusion that she needs some. Like you can tell she was trying. And her friend was there, didn't dance as hotly, so we assume she was there just so her friend didn't dance by herself. After an hour, we saw them left with two guys. Mission accomplished?

Character #2: I'm-Very-Drunk-but-Dammit-I Can-Dance Dude
The title is very obvious isn't? So there was this one guy, clearly drunk, but he surely can dance. He got some cool moves, enjoyed himself and danced around. It's Friday night! Rock on dude!

Character #3: Random Creepy Dude
This last character is the most typical one. The one I saw tonight was bald, really drunk, and unlike character#2, he can NOT dance. He was walking around the pub, all alone, danced with no sense of rhythm at all, stared at people, walked across the dance floor back and forth while jiggling his hands... At one point he stand in the middle of the room, making triangle shape with his hands. So random it's hilarious.

This post is based on short observation, merely for fun. I had a great chat with Amaka, let some steam off, and spot some "special" people. I didn't take any picture because, duh, I'm not gonna take photos of some strangers without their permission. It's impolite. And it's dark, so I couldn't do it secretly because I'd need flash. Hehehehe.
Now that I'm thousand of miles away from home, I'm bound to see different sights, experience different things. But that doesn't mean I'd be careless and do things which I can not take responsibility of. Oh well.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Jadi kemarin itu kak @nunuihsan replied tweetku bilang "mending denger sewandu aja cyin".
But no one has. So I did. I honestly don't have any problems with wandus. Waktu saya coba ubah2 liriknya, jadi begini hasilnya. Versi laladanilela.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Engine, Coal, and Wave Power Generator.

Those three were the topics of two big assignments I've had here. It's major because: 1) the engine business analysis worth 50% of the course grade while Coal and Wave Power Generator worth 100%; 2) both required HUGE amount of research and group working. Well, the topics are interesting to some extent. However, being preoccupied for 5 weeks about engine can make you feel very dull.

*now this IS a short post*

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Old TV Shows

As a teenager, when I weren't reading Hercule Poirot series (or comics, yayaya), I spent a lot of time in front of TV. Mainly Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. When my friends flirting with boys, I watched reruns on indovison. Glamorous life, I know. These are some shows I loved the most.


It a mind blowing show, I'm telling you! So this guy, Neil Buchanan, made a lot of artsy thing on TV. He's very creative. I remember he would show us somethings that seemed easy to do. And if we actually tried it, we could actually (sort of) made it! My favorite part was the big art attack. So the idea is using some random object to make a very big picture, but you need to see the object from above or afar in order to really "see it". I'm so good at explaining things, am I not? HUHUHU. Here, see for yourselves.


2. That's So Raven

It's about a girl who can foresee the future and then get into crazy situations.

3. The Amanda Show

This is actually the show that helped skyrocketed Amanda Bynes' career. Not that her career is so bright right now, unfortunately. I used to think this show so supremely hilarious. But now, not so much. Hmm. I do grow. May be a little.

4. Kenan and Kel

About two bestfriends... Orange soda!! *again, so extraordinarily good at explaining things*

5. Figure it Out

This one is a game show. You have to guess a kid's capability/hobby/invention, using bizarre clues. The ones guessing is a panel of celebrities. If those celebrities do a "slime action" (?), say picking their nose or something, they will get slimed. The slime action is some silly things the panel did not know about, except for the audience. There are three round. If the panel can't guess after each round, the kid will get cool prizes. Kinda cool in concept, but after some time you get bored watching it. Still amusing to see the panels get slimed, though.

Well. That's five TV shows I used to watched all the time. Some people like MTV, but I never really enjoy the shows there much. I dunno. Not exactly MTV kind of kid.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

British Tea Time

I think I read it in Agatha Christie's novel. British people like to have afternoon tea because they have dinner at rather late at night, quite long after lunch. Logically, they'd be rather hungry at noon. Thus began the afternoon tea tradition.
*After a quick glimpse on wikipedia, that is indeed the case. The afternoon tea tradition started around 1840s.

Me and my friends sometimes like to go to nice tea places to have tea and cakes. It's part of the experience you know. And there are lots of delicious cakes offered, we are not going to resist it!

Em... Let me just point of here that I did NOT single-handedly ate all these cakes. Some are what my friends had, I just took the pictures...
*usaha pencitraan*

Classic tea time snack: scones

Druckers's apple pie, cheesecake, and hot choco with marshmallow

Patisserie Valarie: Cheesecake

You can't say you've lived in UK until you had carrot cakes!!
And it tastes.....hmm...not exactly my taste... Blimey, it tastes like carrot....

"So many eager young bunny I'd like to pursue!
There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it!"
- Runaway Baby by B.M.
Not related to post at all, but I'm listening to it while writing syalalalalaaaa

Deuchey tea set! Hahaha
I keed, I keed. That's a tea leaves filter for your teacup. Neat, isn't it?

cakey cake cake cake cake

Fatty fatty fatty hot choco with whipped cream and marshmallows


Fruit Cake

Betty's at York

Hands down is the best tea place I've ever been to.
The place is very nice, cakes are HEAVENLY, tea sets are even deuchier (fancy oh so fancy), and we had the cakes served with fancy cake stand. It was an ultimate British Tea Time experience for me. Totally worth the spend and the time queueing (an hour or so!)

Some pictures belong to Khairissa Permata Putri and Rivel Desagi :)