Tuesday, March 05, 2013

my life, my rules?

no, apparently not.
billions or trillions (perhaps) have lived before you. they have settled some rules. some of those rules makes perfect sense, some needed struggling to understand. the world is old and the wisdom survived are the ones that are true... i guess... look at me, trying to express my understanding of the world.


miss manchester very badly today. found these pieces of memories just now:

hp studio tour, england vs spain, wwf save tiger, postcard from imee, self reward for 2nd term (wake up at 7 sleep at 1/2 the beginning of classical music fondness), autograph from an arsenal player, highest roller coaster in the uk, craziest party at suede, watching beauty and the beast 3d, cue card for laporan ketua panitia indonesian cultural night, football olympic ticket which i didnt attend, amc ticket, prom. hahaha good times.

it is not ok to dwell in the past.
the past shapes you
you are not determined by your past
instead, you are determined by what it made you become

if you are to recall the past,
recall the happy times
recall the lessons it made you learned
recall why the past is in the past
be thankful for it

now is the time preparing self for the future

the future is here
use it well