Saturday, May 30, 2015

Emotional Performances

Don't you just love it when you hear a song and it moves your heart?

That moment when you can sense the singer is pouring their soul, you can hear it in their voice. More often that not, you can tell whether a singer sing sincerely or merely sing because they have to. 

When a singer sing so emotionally, it gives you chills. 

Some emotional performances that I can recall:

Glenn Fredley
- Sedih tak Berujung, Malaikat juga Tahu.
I love Glenn Fredly, man. He's very soulful in his singing. He makes you believe he's in sorrow.

Sweet Sorrow - You're Lying
The repetition of acusing one's lover of lying over and over again in harmony. Trembles me.

Sandy Simorangkir - Cinta Putih
Sebisa dirimu mengkhianaaaaaatiiiii"
Need I say more? That performance was so believable. Ironically, didn't he got cought chating on his fiancee? Before he went to jail. Ironic or not, his rendition on Cinta Putih leaves a strong remark.

Desi Natalia - I Have Nothing
She's a contender on this year's XFactor Indonesia. Her audition moved me. I know this song has been performed and interpreted to death. But a credit's due when a credit's due, don't you think?

Needless to say, the music and lyrics are crucial to a performance. But now I have finally understand why the singer's heart and soul must be put into the soul in order to deliver a memorable performance.

I used to got confused when watching shows like American Idol. The judges always say thing like "put your heart into it" "I don't feel "you" in the song" and thing like that. Those comments made no sense to me. I thought why don't they give a more concrete advice? Like the pitch, perhaps. Or maybe the problems was the nada dasar?
I thought the critics about soul and feeling were nonsense.

Took me long enough, but I finally realize that improvisation should come from your heart. Not because the song arrangement tells you to. And music could touch one's heart, but it needs emotions and heartfelt dynamics in it.

I really hope I will hear more heartfelt songs performanced by Indonesian singers in the future. I don't hear it as often as I'd like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Over Sharing?

Just this morning I tweeted something about sharing on social media. 

People should contemplate, what should they and shouldn't they share?
What is ok? What is off limits? 
How far should one let their personal thoughts out there? Where did sharing stop and bragging starts?

As far as I remember, I haven't post half about my life in this blog. Not the deepest, most personal moments. Not all of my accomplishments either. To my relief, even during misguided teenage years, somehow I haven't written it all. It's ok to share, it's ok to brag. I share. I brag. But to some extent. We should preserve something just to ourselves and closed ones, shouldn't we? 

I did this, I accomplished that. I went here, I visited that. I own this, I own that. All these sosmed and apps tell you to share. Sharing is good, it's a positive word. But perhaps one should step back and contemplate how far should one share. Are you letting everyone know to much? Are you ok with people prying to every single detail of your life? It's ok to take pride of your achievements, of your possesions even. But perhaps a little bit of discretion would be wise.

Today, with all these sosmed frenzy, there is that temptation of letting everyone know everything, all the effin time, all the effin place. 
I use the word tempation. Not pressure. Pressure means there are forces that's making you do things, even if you're reluctant. Temptation is the desire to do something. It's completely up to you. 

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions. And so am I. My opinion is, we should try not to over-share.

It's not like I'm vowing not to share on sosmed ever again. Absolutely not. All I'm saying is, we should probably think before we hit the post button.

D. C. S.

Daenerys Marlene Todingan

Life after wedding is blissful. Got pregnant immediately after honeymoon, praise the Lord. Now my baby is 3months old and she is the most beautiful and smartest baby there is.

I, like most new moms - probably, was flabbergasted for the first few weeks. Never thought breasfeeding as a challenging task! One that requires displine and patience. But it is all worth it. Baby Daenerys is healthy and happy, we are very grateful. 

Daenerys Marlene Todingan.
Daenerys, taken from my favorite ASOIAF character.
Marlene, combination of out mothers' name - Martha and Caroline
Todingan - her father's last name.

Anyway, I have download blog app so HOPEFULLY I can stay commited and write more frequently this time. 

Maybe I'll talk about Daenerys. Maybe I'll talk about my observation of life in general. This blog has always been some sort of diary anyway. 

D. C. S.