Thursday, December 24, 2015

Countries Ella has Visited

So I'm watching a travelling show right now and it makes me kinda want to reminiscing.

WARNING : this is absolutely a type of brag-y post. But who cares, I'm the only one who read this blog anyway.
*pathetic* *lagibanyakmasalahmbak?*

Countries ella has visited:

1. AUSTRALIA. Been here twice, when j was 2yo and 8yo
2. JORDAN. Been blessed to have visited this country twice as well. Praise the Lord.
3. ISRAEL. Idem with Jordan, twice visited. Haleluya. 
4. PALESTINE. Jerusalem is in Palestine's territory when we went there.
5. GERMANY. Puji Tuhan, stelah diingat2 sdh 3 kali ke Jerman. 2002 sm ortu, 2004 sm kakak, 2007 sm PSM UNHAS.
6. NETHERLAND. Puji Tuhan, also been there three times.
8. FRANCE. Puji Tuhan, dua kali sdh kesana. 2002 dan 2007. 
9. SPAIN. Been there once, would reeeeaaaallly love to visit again. Sagrada Familia is just too majestic, I wanna witness it again please.
10. ITALY. Only been here once, hampir kecopetan, libur backpacker, one of the greatest adventure ever.
11. EGYPT.
12. AUSTRIA. Once, when representing UNHAS with student choir.
13. SLOVAK. 
14. SOUTH KOREA. Once and was fed from emergency kitchen. Long story. Another adventure with student choir but also with H1N1 hahahahaha.
15. UK. The one year I spent living abroad. Miss you Withworth Park :'(
16. GREECE. Best holiday eveeeerrrrr!! First holiday that made me come to know the beauty of having peaceful long nap during holiday.
17. UAE. 
18. THAI.

Glory to God!
I have been blessed to have parents whom instead of buying me expensive toys, they chose to saved up for me and my siblings so we can go out and expand our horizon abroad. I never had lots of branded toys and clothes during childhood. My parents prefer to use the money to go see other countries instead. In order to become more open minded. Be inspired. I'm so grateful for them. Kita diajar untuk tidak berfoya-foya dalam kemewahan. Tp diajar memperluas wawasan dgn melihat kemajuan negeri orang lain utk mnjadi inspirasi, walopun ke negeri orang itu dengan budget pas2an ala backpacker. Dulu waktu masih kecil baju boleh murah meriah mainan warisan semua tapi paspor banyak stempelnya ;)

Also very grateful that God has allowed me to join PSM Unhas and competed on various occasions in the world. Prestasi, membanggakan almamater, dan jalan2 gretong yeaah.

Setelah kerja baru sekali bs keluar negeri, soalnya se nikah langsung hamil and my husband is still in school so we dont have time to go for holiday. But the good news is we have our most precious baby Daenerys. We also get to save up!! So when the circumstances are right, definitely want to travel again. At least Singapur dan Malaysia lah, mosok negara tetangga aja belummm... Really wish to go to Japan... China and russia as well. Someday. Amin.

Oke deh sekian sesi mengingat2 masa lalu. Maafkan klo saya sdh jadi batu sandungan dengan post ini, tak ada maksud.

Mery Christmas 2015!!! 

Bucket List of Daniella Sampepajung

1. Visit Japan

2. Re-visit Sagrada Familia after its completion. I wanna soak in its architectural grandeur again.

3. Watch one of these groups performs life: Neri per Caso or Sweet Sorrow or Pentatonix 

4. See Aurora Borealis

Updated: 24 Desember 2015

Mmmm.... Just that for now. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Graham Norton Show

I started watched talkshows on youtube since my days in Manchester uni dorm with its faster-than-speed-of-light internet speed.

Mostly I watched American talkshows such as Ellen show, sometimes Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman. Later on I began to like korean talkshow as well like Happy Together or Hello Counselor.

These past few weeks though, I started to watch a British talkshow called The Graham Norton Show. @GrahNot is a flamboyant irish comedian and i love that he always make sassy hilarious comments.

For example on the episode when Emily Clarke the mother of dragons did a eyebrows match with model Cara Delevigne

After he made the two beauties dancing their eyebrows 😂, Graham commented that the guests have the ultimatr scrabble names: Schwazenegger, Gylenhall, and Delevigne's. 
Emilia Clarke: oh bypass. just skip my name hahahah
Graham: Clarke? Who careees. Clarke? You're sensible shoes, who careees.

That cracked me up so bad 😂😂😂

The best thing about the show is they have the most amazing assortments of celeb guests. Usually hollywood's A list accompanied by British comedian or singer or actress and such.
And most of the time they pair the most unlikely to be seated together stars! 

Here we have Sir Patrick Stewart with Liam Neeson, how awesome is that??!! Seriously 

Sir Ian McKellen with one direction?? No way!! But yes the did

Harrison Ford with Benedict Cumberbatch

But of course many of the episodes are ones when celebs who have done a project together come to the show to promote said project.

Like when Hugh Jackman, Michael Fessbender, and the oh so sexy James McAvoy

That McAvoy dude is out of this world sexy, isnt he? I do have a thing for short dude....... 

Ok moving on.

My second favorite thing about the show is they serve alcohol to their guests!! It's not compulsory, mind you, to drink them. But most of the time the guests do drink the alcohol beverage served, which presumably are of their choice. Though sometimes they prefer juice or just water. Robert deNiro chose to stay sharp during his interview, he prefer water.

Not Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and Hugh Bonneville though hahahahahah.
They drank so much, they were pissed drunk I'm telling you!!! Hahahahahh

"My favorite wooly jumper and red lippie" - Hugh Bonneville
"Best talkshow I have ever been" - Matt Damon
Well in response to Matt Damon's comment, Graham said "Yeah it's the wine not the host"
I love that sort of self depriciation jokes!!

The downside of the show is Graham Norton is not exactly the best in steering conversations, unlike Kimmel, Letterman, or Yoo Jae Suk for that matter. Believe me, I have spent countless hours wandering around youtube over the years I know awkward pause when I see one. 

However, I do love Graham's funny comments and here are some of my favorite moments of the show.

Joan Rivers with Jeremy Clarkson, Jake Gylenhall, and Jeremy Clarkson's co host from top gear.

Joan Rivers: "You need to moan and groan to the right ear if you have sex with an old man. Otherwise they wont hear you"


Emily Blunt had a slight row with Russel Brand 😂😂😂

The British lady and gentlemen corrected Will.I.Am's grammar. Just brilliant. 😂😂

And like the other talkshow, the Graham Norton shows have games and segments as well. My favorite one is when one of the audience gets to tell a story and if they dont like it they flipped up the chair

The way he read Taylor Swift's fans blog cracked me up sooo bad I DIE DEADdddddd

Someone tweeted, "Zayn's single piece of hair is prettier than my entire face"
Graham, "we cant see her face, it could be true"

You're amazing Graham! ❤️❤️❤️