Libur Lebaran 2019

Sejak punya mertua yg tinggal di Bekasi, saya dan anak-anak jadi rutin datang ke Jakarta. Kali ini saya cuma mau tulis kegiatan selama disini. As per usual, saya suka lupa foto di mall sama Pimes dan anak-anak. By the way, ke Jakarta kurang lebih seminggu sebelum Idul Fitri itu sangat recommended! Jalanan lengang luar biasa! ❤️❤️Sabtu: tiba di Jakarta, langsung ke Bekasi, Union MKG sama Arin, Eston, dan om Karel.Minggu: gereja di Tongkonan, foto keluarga, makan di Aeon.Senin: Nike FO, Living Plaza, One stop baby, Pempek tahu GabySelasa: Aladdin, FanpekkaRabu: drakor, milk, and cookiesKamis: Ancol’s sea lion, dolphins, SeaworldJumat: baby massage, baby swim, kids bubble bath, mama spaSabtu: Grand Indo with the Jatbens. Putri Kenanga, Food Hall, Aldo, Smiggle, The Grand Duck KingMinggu: GKI Gunsah, Born-Ga, MKGSenin: Pindahan, Central ParkSelasa: Kota KasablankaRabu: XXI metropole, Sate SenayanKamis: Monas, Grand Indonesia - Ikkudo IchiJumat: Ya Udah Bistro, Mall Taman AnggrekSabtu: hom…

Our Big Fat Torajanese Wedding #rrtpsirwio

Next April would mark our fifth anniversary. Anyone who has been through the process of wedding preparation would know how hectic and crazy weddings really are. I, like many other brides, became a bridezilla. It was pretty intense. But in the end, the celebration was lovely, we had fun, (most of the) pictures were amazing.

One guest actually said that it was the biggest and most elaborated wedding he has ever attended lol. No, our wedding was big alright, but it was far from being the biggest ever. That guest was Japanese, a friend of my bestfriend. May be in Japan, people rarely invite thousands of people? Well in makassar many many many many people do.

The first thing we did was to book the venue. We did that right after Pimes and his parents came to meet me and my parents to formally propose. Afterward was the extended family proposal and introduction. As per tradition, the groom-to-be and his extended family visit the house of the bride-to-be for ceremonious proposal and get intro…

Jawaban Tuhan



I made a blogpost of countries that I have visited. One of them is Australia.

Went there two times. Once when I was one year old and my grandfather was an education attaché for Indonesian Embassy. I have zero recollection of my time there, but my mother, aunties, and uncles have lots. Stories to follow. The second time I went there when I was in third grade, age 8.
My father took three (?) months course in a hospital in Sydney and/or Canberra. Aunt Telly still worked in Canberra there, so we stayed at her place. My memory of this vacation was blurry, obviously. We visited Sydney Opera House, shopping centres, zoo, and aquarium. Mother purchased a christmas tree then, the one we still use to this day. It's still in the living room at this very moment, which reminds me that I need to take it down soon. It's already February! What else I remember from this visit. Food, I remember eating kangaroo meat (or so my father told me). Also ate a lot of nasi goreng with peas in them.


Series: Random Recollection of The Past, So I'd Remember When I'm Older (RRTPSIRWIO)

Now that I'm 30 and have recently bore my second child, I came to a epiphany that, if God's willing, in time I'd grow even older. If He'd allow, I'd go through more stages in life, gain more experiences. And looking back, He has allowed me to experience countless events - some of which are life changing, encounter people of many background and characters, visit numerous places, and so on. And if I don't write it down, I might forget all of them in the future.

I keep a habit of writing diaries since I was a kid. Sadly, I've lost my elementary school diary. Can you even imagine what kind of silliness I wrote as a kid?? I still have my junior high until university diary, and they are ALL cringe-worthy. But still, I enjoy reminiscing when reading them. Those diaries entries makes me grateful for the lessons I learnt, they makes me regret for the friends I've lost contact with, and sometimes they make me crazy. The last part is because I liked to write song …

The Big Three O

I remember those sleepless nightsWhen I was a little girl, still growingI especially remember those restless nightsWhen I was a flimsy teenager with questions unanswered
I remember the boastful prideful nightsWhen arrogance took over and I think too highly of myselfI remember the tearful nightsWhen I realize that I was wrongThat I am just a speck of worthless dust in this universe called the real worldI remember the remorseful nightsI remember the anxious night
When I just feel so lostI sometimes still have one of those nights
But today
That I am 30
My heart is full with gratefulness 
Tonight is a joyous one
Because when I count all the blessing You have given meWhen I look around
Everything I amEverything I haveComes from You, my Lord and saviour
I wish I could tell my younger self
That everything’s gonna be fine
That You took care of meThat You never forsake me
That You really made my life completeIn every way I can imagine

Reminiscing days of pursuing masters degree

So I'm reading my old blog posts about my days in Manchester... And for a moment there I want to go to school again as soon as possible. That feeling only lasted for a fey seconds though, because I realize PhD is far more difficult, I imagine.

But yeah, I will get another degree, I have to. Because I'm building a career in academics. Dosens these days have to have doctoral degree. But I'm not gonna do it in near future because: 1. My husband plans to continue his studies next year, someone has got to stay as breadwinner. 2. My husband should do his studies before me because he is older and so I can use him as an excuse to delay my doctoral plan. 3. I think it would be more convenient to continue my study when the kids are bigger. Big enough to make their own Indomie, maybe? At least big enough to shower and poop without needing help... My eldest is now 3 years old and the younger one is still in my tummy! Pretty legit excuse to delay PhD, don't you think?
But yeah, I d…