Monday, October 24, 2011

Danilela's Meal Math

This is another evidence of the widely known fact: cook your own meal is far cheaper than eating out.

The cheapest food I've found here is Panini in Precinct, £1.90
It's large, it's tasty, but the parlor doesn't open at night (doh).

Compare the cost of eating out with buying groceries, it's pretty damn cheaper! Hehehe.
I've also tried a whole week only eating homemade sandwich, it could cost slightly cheaper than cooking rice and simple dishes. But... For now, I need my Indonesian food :)


Friday, October 21, 2011

The First Month

It's been a month. A month and five days, to be exact.
First week I lost it and tired of the cold weather, the rainy days, seeing bules everyday, seeing bules in miniskirts on cold weather.
Now, I've gotten used to it.
The people, the bloody cold weather, the classes, the food, the buses, and all the shops. Oh all the shops...

I can cook now. Oh, yes I can ladies and gays. Yes, I can cook.
I can make sushi that tasted like sushi, sup ayam, ayam kecap, sup kacang merah, sup babi kentang, sayur asam, dll.
It's a miracle, I know! And not all of them needed the magic kaldu blok!!!

Anyway, also have made friends with some really nice people here. From Indonesia and other nations as well. I enjoy my class because of the variety of backgrounds (nationalities and field of expertise) which enrich the class discussion.

Also, I'm kinda learning Hindi now, from one of my classmates.
Mera naam Ella he.

Other things I enjoy so far is:
Milk (delicious, plain or chocolate, both are yumyumlipssmackingyum)
Walkers Chips
PRIMARK - say what u wanna say, it's heaven for retail therapy

Platt Field church.
It has a very welcoming atmosphere, great song selections, and so far always enjoy the service.
On my first week, I felt really homesick. I was up all night thinking about how much I wanna go home, why oh why did I decided to go so faraway from home to study...
The next day, I went to Platt Field church in Rusholme.
And that day theme was "Believing Jesus in a strange land"
Which ease my homesick feeling that particular day :)
Gave me strength that I need, remind me that when God opens a door He has a purpose. And I should believe in Him. That He would take care of me, here in the strange land.

Where the north wind blows
Where the leaves left trees after they changed color
Where the frozen rain occurs
In this strange land, He is still with me
Never alone

stair case to my home