Friday, December 30, 2011

One Christmas in Manchester

As promised to @vinasiahaya dan @iipewepe.

This was the very first time I spent Christmas away from my family. The last 22 years, every Christmas eve would be spent in one of the relatives' or at our house. We would have dinner, service, then take a family picture. There would be a lot of hassle. Mom would yap about cleaning the house, my room, help my sister cook macaroni schotel, pick up food, etc etc. And then all the big family would gather and we would spent a warm cheerful Christmas evening together.

On 24th December last week, it occurred to me that I would be alone at Christmas eve. Me and friends who were staying in Manchester had plans for Christmas day arranged already. But what about Christmas eve? Usually when I'm home, we would spent Christmas eve with family and on Christmas day we would be very busy with all papa's guest coming over.

So instead of surrounded by people as usual, I would be alone.
Got panic for a second.
I was considering to invite some friends over to cook together and had dinner, when an idea came. I am by myself. This would be the first time in my life to have a Christmas only to myself. Why not do something I would never done if I were home? No mommy and sister yapping, nothing to clean, nothing to hassle. Why not enjoy the very peaceful night by myself?
Of course, a lot of people say that Christmas is supposed to be spent with others. Flatmate invited me to join her and friends for dinner, but I didn't want to interfere.
I really felt that I had to experience this one alone. If it sucks, then I'd know in the future I should not do it again.

Well, I thought the idea was brilliant.
So I went out of the flat and sat on the benches near University place to download some manga. Then to Sainsbury's and bought wine, cheese, marshmallow, ready to cook pasta, and some snacks. In the afternoon, went to church with friends. Then back to flat and had my one self relaxed laid back Christmas eve.

hot chocolate with marshmallow

mini breadsticks, Shiraz Mont-Pierre, ginger bread

Instead of my sister's macaroni schotel, I had microwaved pasta.
Instead of singing with the whole family, I watched Sound of Music and He's Not That Into You.
Plus hot choco, cheese, and wine.
It was OK.

Truthfully, it wasn't gloomy and miserable. It wasn't great, either.

On Christmas day, me, Bintang, Herman, Yunita, and mbak Indria went to church together.
Had a lovely Christmas service. There was a puppet show video, where the puppets sang the Nativity story using Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody tune. Then we went to Bang Gindo and Mbak Maria's house for a very big marvelous lunch. Bang Gindo and Mbak Maria are Indonesian family that held open house every year on Christmas day. So they had many other guests came. After lunch, bang Gindo took us and the other guests for a walk. We went to a big park, walked on muddy pathway, very British. On the way back, saw some houses having Christmas lunch. Where families sat together in a very big table and had dishes for hours. Then we had Irish coffee. Sorry, didn't took any pictures...

That day, it wasn't raining nor was it cold.
In the end, I didn't had a white Christmas in Manchester.
But I must say.
My one Christmas in Manchester was, in fact, merry and bright.

I hope you had too.

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Realized that it has been a very long time since I last did a wardrobe post, now it's time. I haven't taken many decent wardrobe pictures these past months. Not that the wardrobe pics here are super awesome or anything.

Due to the cold weather, naturally I wear hundreds of layers every time going out.
I only have one winter, so gotta make it count.

Recently purchased this elbow patched sweater. Finally yeaaaaay!

Doodle Away Danilela #3 & #4

These two go to my keces @dhuii and @karinarenata

the flamingo, the penguin, and the peacock

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tunes

Memasuki Christmas break yang dimulai minggu depan, lemme hereby say.... IKE ESSAYKU SELESAI!! Hahahahaa sebel nggak? Baru slese kodong, lamanya baru slese... Sudah dikirim buat konsul, mdh2an layak disubmit. Huhuhu.....

Anyway. In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to post more youtube links of some of my all time Xmas songs. Well forgive me for only posting links........... Oh well. Here goes.

NERI PER CASO, of course.

Neri Per Caso - God Rest You Mary, Gentlemen

Then, obviously, is Ms. Carey. Or Mrs. Cannon?

Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

Boyz II Men - Merry Christmas, Darling

Mariah Carey - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Michale Buble - Santa Baby

Honestly, this is the most sensual version of the song.

This one is from Sister Act II. Actually I might have posted this song, but it belongs to this post as well, so.

Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount - His Eye is on the Sparrow

This one is not even a Christmas song. But it's a Love Actually soundtrack, which is my ultimate Christmas movie if not all time.

Wyclef Jean feat. Sharissa - Take Me As I Am

Hmm... Now I want to write a post on Love Actually. Ok, will do tomorrow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble #4

Rambelita tralala. Wah sudah episode empat, cepat juga ya bok. Kalo sinetron ini bagaikan.... Well sebenarnya kalo dibanding sinetron episode empat masih perkenalan karakter kali ya. Hahahahahahaha. *petir*
Kalo chapter empat di komik sudah satu buku mi. Yayaya.

As always, stuck nulis essay. Masih essay yang sama dgn yg kemarin. Tapi bertambah mi gank 300 kata, skarang sdh 1700an. Lumayan.... Sedikit lagi sudah bisa dikirim ke mas Yan buat revisi.
Kalo mas Yan baca blog ini, makasih loh mas atas bantuannya.

Moving on. Kemarin malam habis latian buat acara natal IF-Man, rame2 pergi makan dan had the most random conversation. Mule bahas Harmoko, Diana Pungki, sampe saingan hapalin UUD 45 (yg dengan ngotot dimenangkan Rivel tentunya hahahahaha).
Terus, thanks to Bintang P. Melanes dan Albert Aaron sebagai narasumber, kita2 diedukasi tentang musik2 Indonesia yg terselubung dan kadang antahberantah...

Tanpa basa-basi lagi!!
Sambutlah Youtube links of the aforementioned!!

1! Saipul Jamil dalam boybandnya G4ul, dengan lagu Tak Bosan!
Video uploaded by Mr. Sakuryes...

2! Astuti by Agung Hercules

3! Astuti by Masca2

Demikianlah, semoga video2nya menghibur pirsawan sekalian.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I'm just gonna ramble #3

like usual, after writing essay and report i'm gonna ramble here. tonight i have several topics in mind, which are: danilela's tweet of the week, classic manga heroes, principle of purchasing paintings, and some cool phrases heard in classes! yessss very erudite rite....

1) tweet of the week
stumbled on a couple of witty tweets, both by @buyungbengnga

"berbahagialah org yg fotonya dijadikan sebagai dp bbm pasangannya. it means they are proud to have you in their life." - @buyungbengnga

the first tweet, i think, is true. you wouldn't put someone's picture as you display picture if you're ashamed of them, would you? well, i don't. that's why my current dp bbm is a picture of monkey painting. not that it resembles my boyfriend in anyway, please! it's a painting i fell in love with, told him about it, which he looked for, found, and bought for me! emmmah Pywedont :*

"ribu2na ini mama2 penjaga pasien yang baru. sumpu'na desadesana. sudah tua banyak bacot lagi. ngoceh melulu drtd. saranku bikin ko twitter." - @buyungbengnga

well this one is simply hilarious. loosely translated: "these new patient caregiver ladies are so chatty. unbelievably tacky. old motormouth hags. haven't stopped talking. my suggestion, make a twitter account."
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i can imagine them with their betels and/or peanuts gossiping on and on about the most trivial subjects, holding blackberries and become banci twitter. hmm. cool. twitter is, for some people, a playground to ramble and gossip!

2) manga heroes
growing up, my fondness of manga unavoidably resulted in having crush(es) on manga heroes... yeah i'm just cool that way.............
shut up bogie, i know you're reading this. don't laugh at me, you had more manga crushes than i did :p
ehm. anyway.
- Lee Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura - clamp)
- Masumi Hayami (Glass Mask - Miuchi, S)
- Terry; Terrence Graham Grandchester (Candy-candy - Mizuki, K.).
Yo brooooooo they had major manga heroes typical nature: doesn't talk much, cool, teases the heroin and this would lead them to love/hate relationship, secretly loves the heroin back, smart, and rich. the qualities teenage girls dream about. hahahaa. i was young. now i need someone who's straight forward, true to his words, quirky like i am, and tells his feelings directly. no drama, no games. Pywedont emmaaah lagi. hihihihi.

abis dikasi lukisan sih, senangku kowe gaaaaaaank.
which lead us to topic #3

3) danilela's single principle to purchase paintings
i read somewhere long long ago, that a painting should "speaks" to you. the painter and price should not be the reason of purchasing paintings. which made me think, well i'm no expert in art, am i? if i want to buy a painting, it should solely because the paint kinda speaks to me. not merely bcos it's preety, most paintings/work arts are supposed to be pretty. i want to stumble upon a painting which warms my heart. you know, like when you see a bag and fall in love with it. or pass a high-end brand shop which opens a temporary big sale outlet and then dream abt it after. that kind of feeling. moving on. this monkey painting speaks love and humor to me. honestly, its eyes are sparkly as if saying "i'm a outgoing, funny, bitchin monkey. you know you'd love me."
well. i didn't buy bcos i thought the hassle of packing it home and everything. but after flew back, i realize i really do like the painting. and just yesterday, Pywedont found and buy it. aaaaaaah thank you sayaaaang!!!

4) cool phrases heard in class
just a few expressions that i don't hear that often. there are others, but didn't able to wrote down let alone memorize them.
- buoyant innovations
- astronomical success
- marshalling materials
- management of various flavors
- myriad of things

and that's about that.
this post is dedicated to Pywedont Todingan whom never read this blog. oh no. probably that's the reason he still likes me??? sheez. oh well. thank you for the painting, dear :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Thanksgiving

One of my flatmate, Heather, celebrated thanksgiving a week (or two) ago.
So she so made a thanksgiving dinner and invited us!!
Yeay Heather!!

I love to watch American TV series, so have always been wondering what American thanksgiving would taste like. I told Heather this and she said what we had that evening was pretty much what she usually had back home. One more time. Yeay Heather!!

So with the help from some of the guys downstairs, we had turkey, stuffing, killer mashed sweetpotatoes w/ marshmallow, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy on everything, corn bread, cheese, apple pies, and wine. Maipo Shiraz. Deliciousness.

my first turkey ~ horeeee syalala

Lately my posts have been around food, have it not?
Well, holiday is just around the corner even tough I have a 9am class tomorrow.
And I have one more food-related post, our class just had winter dinner yesterday!
I know, I already started dieting again. To prepare before the actual holiday come. Phew.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Doodle Away Danilela #1 & #2

An old hobby that lately came again.
Since these two were meant as doodles, I didn't exactly put much thought into it. Hence the hideous thin-strokes area.... Not that the doodles are pretty or anything. But still it's my own creation, proud of it :D

My poor editing skill didn't help that much, but actually I prefer it like this better. Stronger colors and less ugly thin-strokes area....

Monday, December 05, 2011

Dinners and Lunches

As promised, a post on meals with several of my classmates.

Ms. Eseosa, Ms. Chiamaka, Ms. Daniella
Good cook, good cook, good dinner guest :P

Nigerian Dinner: yams, two chicken dishes (sorry, don't remember the Nigerian name),
white rice, fried plantain.

Mashed potatoes stuffed in roasted paprika, pan fried pork steak, with mushroom and broccoli.

Dinner at Missoula

Taiwanese Hot-Pot at Kevin's
This BBQ sauce is put into our bowls.
To my surprise, the sauce (which has dried lizard fish in it) actually tasted good.

So far I've noticed, Indonesian are the ones who like taking pictures SO MUCH. Which not necessarily a bad thing, right? Right?? Hahaha anyway. This is Dhruv, my Indian friend who taught me some bolly moves.

Pakistani Dinner at Mahvish's.
I really enjoy the food. Mahvish lives in the suburban area in Greater Manchester with her husband and two kids. She's the kind of perfect lady, you know, the kind who can cook, sew, paint, smart in class, pretty much good at anything. She's really nice :)

Lovely ladies of IME 2012 class

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Catch My Disease

It's a miracle! I can post videos on youtube!!
Sang something, not out of this world good... Hoping it's not total crap either :P

Originally by Ben Lee.