Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sagrada Familia

10 things I want to do before I hit the bucket:
- Watch Neri per Caso live in concert.
- Go to Sagrada Familia in 2026, when they've finished build the church.

- Spent a week in pretty city Haifa, Israel.
- ....
- ....
Ok so I don't have 10 things, those three are what I have in mind right now.

With this post, I add new label to this long lost blog: The Beauties. Tag in it are all kinds of things I find majestic like one of a kind building, nature scenery, designs,cities,etc.

Sagrada Familia, a church design by Antonio Gaudi, located in Barcelona. I think it's the only building I constantly think about.
Went there in 2004, when me and my sister went backpack (well in our case - dragging tiny wheeled suitcases) to Spain and Italy. We couldn't afford taking tour w/ travel agents, so my sister arranged a modest backpack trip for us. On train, no tour guide, stayed at student hostels, pete-pete like flight, almost got robbed in Stazione Termini, walked around from one tourist spot to another.... We were on a very tight budget.

-> you see why I think it's majestic?

Anyway. Wikipedia shall tell you better story about Sagrada Familia:

Allow me to describe my feelings towards the church. It is the most beautiful, exciting building I have ever seen. I don't know much about buildings, but Sagrada Familia charmed me very much. Wikipedia describe Antonio Gaudi's design as highly individualistic. Could that be part of the reason I'm so attached to this particular building? The only building I'm attached to, mind you.

Every part of the building has its own details. Non
e resembles exactly as the other. It has its own carves, sculptures.
Most buildings has cor
ners which looks alike. Not this one. It has cripple walls on this side, statues chiselled faces on the other corner, alpha and omega carving at the other, spirals here, mosaics there. Such fine work of art, for me.

statue chisseld faces ->

The pillars.
Pleaseeee let me tell you about the pillars. Standing below it made me feel like an elf in a magical forest. Each column, for me, feels like it has its own soul.

Imagine you're in Du Weldenvaren (from Eragon series. I know I know, I'm a freak).

Imagine you're in Ellesmera. The building should have pillars like the ones in Sagrada Familia. You walked through pillar which look like very tall trees, the branches so far up high and each grows little details.
How did Antonio Gaudi able to place, to design that every little on each pillars? How? How?

See the difference on these pillars? Some "fruits" look like clams, some look like pine corn, or is that pineapple?

If I were to live in Du Weldenvaren, my home definitely should has at least two pillars like Sagrada Familia. Or perhaps someday when I build my own house I could have two pillars like that? Oh it would be so pretty... I'd paint it cream, off white.

Sagrada Familia would be completed in 2026. I am going to work my ass of so I can go there then.

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