Monday, June 27, 2016

The Winds of Winter - GoT tv show, season finale

I can not contained my excitement. Literally can't.

I've tweeted about the last episode. So many things happened.

The greatest fantasy story I have ever enjoyed. So good. So so so good.

That last few episodes covered way more than the last 2 books (I think).

Ok I'll try and start reviewing my thoughts on that last episode.

Maergery and House Tyrell along with the High Sparrow and everyone in the Red Keep at THAT moment when Cersei proves herself as the mad, ruthless lion. I like Maergery, but I've always known she is a supporting character. Not a major one. Why? Because she wasn't there at the beginning. She switches sides and play her part well. In the end she is but a spawn in the story, a tool to prove the frightening madness that Cersei Lannister truly is. I know House Tyrell wouldn't play that big a part in the Song of Ice and Fire. After all, House Tyrell came to power because their lord, House Flower went to the Targaryen's aid during Robert's Rebellion. And so the end came for Maergery, Mace, and the High Sparrow.

Cersei Lannister is finally THE Queen of Westeros. She paid a huge price, of course. Tommen jumped of the castle after witnessing his mother's cruelty. Hey! That's rather poetic, Cersei! You push Bran of the window, five seasons later your last son jump himself of off a window! But Cersei was probably ready. The witch in the woods has told her long ago that she will loose all her children and she would become The Queen.

Congratulations GRRM, DB, and DW. That was beautifully plotted.

Moving on to my favorite characters: Daenerys and Tyrion. It is true that their scene in the last episode was not as dramatic as the others. But that look in Tyrion's eyes when Daenerys named him The Hand of the Queen. The emotions that he diplays as he declares his believe in her and as she showed him grace. It was subtle, it was calm, and there I was soaking this television greatness. Tyrion has come a long way and so has Daenerys. Now both sails to Westeros (yeah! Daenerys is going to the Iron Throne! Finally!!) along with the Greyjoys, and the Martells and Tyrells waiting to join them.

To think that next year (or the year after), Tyrion shall face Cersei. Two siblings that hated each other. For right reasons. One as the Hand of the Queen and one as A Queen. Extraordinary, isn't it?

And finally, up in the North. Lady Mormont did not fail to impress us as she rally the other Lords to once again declare Ned's Stark son as the King in the North. Sansa smiled, but that smiled died when she saw Littlefinger. I hate Littlefinger. Who knows what other sick plot he is schemming. He has declared his desired to rule in the Iron Throne. Sansa has refused him, but only time will tell what he will do next. Lady Mormont is truly admirable, one must say. I would approve if she were to betrothed to Jon Snow, it is befitting. Unfortunately Jon Snow is not Ned's son, oh he is not. Bran continued his seeing and we all witness how the show confirmed that afterall, Jon really is Lyanna's son. Yes. R+L=J is confirmed. Aw, Man. We suspected all along, didn't we? That means Sansa is the Queen of the North! But wait! Bran's alive and is at The Wall!! Will he join his siblings?

And we move on to the last Stark kids: Arya. Arya served Lord Walder Frey a pie of his own sons (Frey Pies!!) and then slit his throat. All those pages and scenes I've spent frustratingly see Arya's slow development finally came to a great climax: her revenge on the Freys. It is so satisfying.

You know what? I think it should be Arya that kills Cersei. Nope. I change my mind. Sansa should kill Cersei. Sansa should face Cersei, both as Queens. Powerful, powerful stuff.
I'm crossing my fingers, hoping next year Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran will finally reunited. After all these years they all think that the others are dead and they are on their own. Except that they're not. They are the powerful, noble, dignified House Stark. Stark banner has risen!!

Conclusion. Powerful episode. The Winds of Winter is the epitome of Game of Thrones.
The last episode included the most dramatic reveals: Cersei ascending the Iron Throne, Jon Snow is indeed son of Lyanna Stark, Daenerys named Tyrion as The Hand of the Queen, and Arya kills Walder Frey.

I can not stop smiling.

Congratulations GRRM, DB, and DW.
Thank you for the wonderful Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

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