Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Thanksgiving

One of my flatmate, Heather, celebrated thanksgiving a week (or two) ago.
So she so made a thanksgiving dinner and invited us!!
Yeay Heather!!

I love to watch American TV series, so have always been wondering what American thanksgiving would taste like. I told Heather this and she said what we had that evening was pretty much what she usually had back home. One more time. Yeay Heather!!

So with the help from some of the guys downstairs, we had turkey, stuffing, killer mashed sweetpotatoes w/ marshmallow, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy on everything, corn bread, cheese, apple pies, and wine. Maipo Shiraz. Deliciousness.

my first turkey ~ horeeee syalala

Lately my posts have been around food, have it not?
Well, holiday is just around the corner even tough I have a 9am class tomorrow.
And I have one more food-related post, our class just had winter dinner yesterday!
I know, I already started dieting again. To prepare before the actual holiday come. Phew.

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