Monday, December 05, 2011

Dinners and Lunches

As promised, a post on meals with several of my classmates.

Ms. Eseosa, Ms. Chiamaka, Ms. Daniella
Good cook, good cook, good dinner guest :P

Nigerian Dinner: yams, two chicken dishes (sorry, don't remember the Nigerian name),
white rice, fried plantain.

Mashed potatoes stuffed in roasted paprika, pan fried pork steak, with mushroom and broccoli.

Dinner at Missoula

Taiwanese Hot-Pot at Kevin's
This BBQ sauce is put into our bowls.
To my surprise, the sauce (which has dried lizard fish in it) actually tasted good.

So far I've noticed, Indonesian are the ones who like taking pictures SO MUCH. Which not necessarily a bad thing, right? Right?? Hahaha anyway. This is Dhruv, my Indian friend who taught me some bolly moves.

Pakistani Dinner at Mahvish's.
I really enjoy the food. Mahvish lives in the suburban area in Greater Manchester with her husband and two kids. She's the kind of perfect lady, you know, the kind who can cook, sew, paint, smart in class, pretty much good at anything. She's really nice :)

Lovely ladies of IME 2012 class

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