Monday, April 09, 2012

Good Gracious, It's Greece! - #1 The Landmarks

A bunch of us, Indo gals and dudes, went to seek some real sun a week ago. By real sun, I mean the one that actually gives you warmth at your back. The one here in Manchester is fake, which only shows for decoration purpose. T____T
So we went and I love every bit of it!! I love it so much I'll break it down into three posts: The Landmark, The People, and the best part: The Food.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to visit these new places, deeply grateful for it. I'd like to share it here, hopefully you'd enjoy :)

Parthenon in The Acropolis of Greece
View of Athens from The Acropolis

Oia, Santorini
The most romantic place. Praying for a return visit someday. Amin.

White basic and blue ornaments, typical Santorini color design.

We ran around in Oia to find the perfect spot to take sunset pictures and found a quiet one. We were the only ones there, watching the sun set. Magnificently serene.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini

Playing fashion show at the small dock. If any of you have wathced "Sisterhood of Travelling Pants", this is where one the girls went fishing/swimming with the hot Greek boy.


Athena Olympic Stadion
"Taufik won a game here!!!" - Rivel, the badminton enthusiast.

Fruitless orange tree in the National Garden, Athens.
There are SO MANY orange trees in Athens! I love it, they make the street smell kinda sweet. We weren't sure if the fruits were edible, though, so we didn't eat it.

Photos belong to Albert Arron P., Gabriela Sugianto, and Rivel Desagi.

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