Monday, January 30, 2006

I’m GOING TO BE A Good Wife????????


When people tell me I’ll be a good housewife (it shows in my eyes, they said. I never understand that idiom. How are you supposed to judge people from their eyes??? HOW??).
Well, when they told me that, I think it was nonsense. I don’t cook, don’t adore little kids as much as good wives are, I don’t do gardening, you know, things like that!

But this morning I found that side of me I never really realized!!

I was looking my sister’s pants because I borrowed it but she couldn’t find this morning. While I was looking through her cupboard, which was a total mess, I thought I would do something nice for her and tidy it up. Today’s her birthday anyway.
So I tidied it up!

But, I don’t know how, I was already folding NAPKINS.


I actually reorganized the drawers, drawers for napkins, drawers for blankets, drawers for plastic bags…
Am actually fond of some of my mom’s napkins she has never used because they’re too pretty…
Tidied plastic bags, forgotten old clothes, jeans, skirt…
Categorized my sister’s clothes to formal, semiformal clothes…
Put them from the ones she wears a lot to ones she should never wear anymore…
Some extra size clothes she’s no longer fit in (she used to be extra chubby!), I put in certain side of the cupboard.
!! She could use those big clothes and pants as maternity clothes!!
And I did categorized the forgotten clothes into clothes to donate, clothes to try on and just need a little fix up, clothes that are awfully hopeless they should just use as cleaning tools…
Luckily I could hold myself on from the urge to categorize them on the colors.


I spent almost three full hours did that.

Oh well, that’s not an awful thing is it???

I enjoy tidying up! So what???

I found my sister’s pants anyway! Hah!!
And some cool t-shirt, jumpers, skirt… Old, but they really are cool.
Oww… This is what the magazines mean when they told us to look up our mother’s old clothes, isn’t it??
Goed goed…

I’m gonna be a good wife…
Hey, Monica Geller from Friends also enjoys tidying and place things in certain organized way!!
I’m not as obsessed as she!
Wish I cook as well as she though.

Oh no oh no.
If I do cook as well as she, then I already have the qualities to be married now??
That’s not enough….
No no no no….
Not until at least four more years…
I’m not ready!!!! Okay????


I’m just being silly.
Oh hell….
I don’t care…

I’m gonna be a good wife….
Or a good house maid??
I bet my father would prefer I spent that whole three hours studying for SPMB.

What I did didn’t hurt anyone.

Eehh… I’m kind of studying English right now, writing this.

People who are extremely kind to me to read this writing, would you be even more kind and correct my grammars and vocabulary? Pleaseee….

I will be very grateful.

Will not be interested in tidying up your drawers though.
Thank you!

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