Friday, February 17, 2012

Dragon Ball

Due to the lack of interesting new manga titles and new releases, I'm currently re-reading Dragon Ball. And let me state here that Dragon Ball is an ingenious work. I'm talking about clean original artwork, not over the top battle scenes (for my taste), and very very humorous with just a tiny dash bit of healthy perverted jokes. Very nice. I remember reading this series from my brother's and my little cousin's collections as a child. Alongside Doraemon.

It is safe to say that Dragon Ball is one of the best battle manga ever created, if not the pioneer. I think it has a very interesting concept, about a very strong powerful purehearted boy who turns out to be an alien named Goku. And then there are several different levels of gods ruling different territories and galaxies. In addition, the king of Dragon Ball's earth is a dog whom wear glasses. Goku would later have two sons. He has several very good powerful bestfriends, a genius engineer friend whom later would marry someone from Goku's home planet, a perverted master, a wife who can do kungfu but prefer their sons to become scholars, and a handful list of very strong alien enemies whom he has defeated. The battle settings take in many interesting places, including a planet which the locals do not have gender (and therefore have no genitals? maybe?). Goku and his friends are so good with martial arts that enable them to fly. I think it's called the air dance technique? He also can became a super saiya, saiya being the name of his species since he's not human of earth. Goku's a Saiyan. When he releases all of his power, he transforms into a Super Siayan with blazing fire surrounding him (im assuming it's his power? ki?) and in this state he turns blonde. BLONDE, I tell you. How cool is that.

Now. Dragon Ball series went for nine years. After that, there are other spin off versions. I think it was a wise decision to stop series after that long period of time. I mean, a story have got to end somehow. That's why I understand Harry Potter ended after seven books. Harry has been through enough. But that does not mean we can not have other stories about Hogwarts right? Right?? Anyway. A story got to end somehow. I don't understand why Detective Conan is still running. I know it's very popular and everything. But come on!! Enough already!! Ok. I'm going off topic. As I were saying, it is good that Dragon Ball has ended and it gives millions boys and girls happiness and the joy of Kamehameha. Emm. Kamehameha is a power ball which you release to destruct and it is very cool. Ok.

By the way, there is this guy on Youtube named KevJumba. He is very funny, if anyone's reading this, you should check him out. Anyway. He made this one post one time about being so pissed and angry about the Dragon Ball movie. He said the effects was terrible and the thing he hates the most is the actor playing Goku. I agree. Despite that Goku is white in that movie, his hair is not extremely spiky. Let me explain. Goku should not be portrayed by a white guy or a black guy or indonesian. Because. From the beginning of the series, he eats with chopsticks!! It's very clear in the story that he is from asian heritage, look at his grandpa's clothes! Good grieve. More importantly is the hair. Goku's hairstyle SHOULD be extremely spiky and unearthly! He's not human for goodness sake. Hahhhhhhh.

Let me show you Goku's picture. You see? Very spiky unhuman hairstyle, clothes with mandarin/kanji/whatever emblem, shaolin style shoes.
The blond babe with green eyes. He can turn into Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3. Damn.

Lastly. I was so excited when I saw this. I didn't realize it when reading it for the first time during elementary. But around a week ago, when I saw this I thought: VERY COOL!! BALI architecture in Dragon Ball! The picture below is the scene of Goku went to Tenkaichi Budokai (martial arts championships). Look at the gate. The committee's member hat. Even Goku's master's luggage has Bali sticker on it.

Also, found this article from google which confirms it.
The source is not very ligitimate ( due to incomplete referencing).
However, given all the details of every tenkaichi budokai scenes it is very undeniable that Bali inspired the author of drawing it. And if you google it you'll find I'm only one out of hundreds of people whom notice this.

Yeah, I love manga. Someday I'll make money out of this passion.

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