Saturday, April 04, 2009

Banci Aksesori

"I am a banci aksesoriii..... Syalalalalaaaa....."
(necklace: Etava; bracelet: Pasar Atum; and my mightiest big white ring: a souvenir shop in Galilea)

In the mood for accessorizing!

Hm. To be honest, I don't really understand studded stuff. They look cool, may be. The thing is, I'm not very much a rock chic. I do consider buying them, for time to time. But then, one shouldn't buy everything that is on a fashion magz, right?

Instead, these ethnics accessories are timeless! I think I'm going to stick to rocks and and ropes, goldie silvery, generally beadsy stuff for a long, long time.

Bought this pants at Female on The Move exhibition. Not so bad lah.... And they ARE comfy!

Vintage necklace & bag from Etava, Jl. Nusakambangan, Makassar.
Hidden treasure chest!

"aduh mak banyak utang!"


Kay said...

You have the best jewellery!

daniella sampepajung said...

Hey, thank you! =)