Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Precious Hardcovers and Latest Treasure

Keep an undying love for my favorite hardcovers. Put A LOT of effort to purchase some of them (starving, do extra saving, etc) and some are highly appreciated gifts. Hohoho....

Scarlett, Order of The Phoenix, Brisingr, The Deathly Hollows,
Totto-Chan, and The Series of Unfortunate Event - The End.

And of course, Daniella's latest treasure:

"Jung Woo Bag"

Purchased in Etava vintage shop

UGA! I mean look at that knob.... For me, it makes the bag look graceful and powerful at the same time! The big stitch, the trim....
They don't make this kind of details anymore these days. Not for the kind of money I paid for this bag at least (Rp 70.000 = about 5USD).
Nope, these days they make machine-made bags with no details/poor details for the same price.

Oh well.


Teppy said...

Tasnya itu 70 rebu aja? Di mana itu si toko vintage??? *semangat*

daniella sampepajung said...

di makassar, jln nusakambangan. HEHEHE

Anonymous said...

OMG. looks like i have a same perception with you about what TREASURES really are.
And i love totto for sure.
Kak, kayany boleh ini se bkunjung ke lemari ta? kra2 brp bnyk harta ta?