Saturday, April 25, 2009

Favourite quote's from mangas

I personally believe that comics, or manga specifically, aren't merely for entertainment purpose.
No no.
One actually can learn from comic books.

For instance,

From Kodocha Child's Play #5 - Miho Obana
Chapter #22 ( )

(second column)
In Indonesian version,
" Aku bahkan ingin bertanya pada gadis-gadis yang mencinta.
Cinta itu dimulai dari mana dan mulai kapan."

A very interesting question, I think.

Or this quote from Crayon Shinchan #32 - Yoshito Usui

"Wah, jangan-jangan pacar sesama jenis?
Tidak usah malu-malu.
Di dunia ini memang ada macam-macam bentuk cinta kan

Helped me to understand that I really shouldn't judge homosexuals.
Love do come in all sorts of way...
And who am I to judge anyway?

And of course, this one:
Working Man (Hataraki Man) #2 - Moyoco Anno

"Sibuk bukan berarti sudah bekerja dengan baik.
Dan kalau sudah bekerja dengan baik,
bukan berarti hebat."

Aren't there times you get annoyed with some people keep telling you how "busy" they are?
Well, being busy doesn't mean you have worked well. And if you do work well, doesn't mean you are great.

From Working Man #4, I also learned this Japanese proverb,

Kokoro Kunzuru:
"Hal yang paling menyenangkan dan luar biasa di dunia ini adalah terus bekerja seumur hidup. Hal paling sengsara di dunia ini adalah tak berpendidikan.
Hal paling sepi di dunia ini adalah tak punya pekerjaan.
Hal paling buruk di dunia ini adalah iri pada kehidupan orang lain.
Hal paling mulia di dunia ini adalah mengabdi

untuk orang lain dan tak membuatnya berutang budi.

Hal paling indah di dunia ini adalah

Allow me to translate it,
"The pleasantest dan most amazing thing in this world is keep working as long as you live.
The most misarable thing in this world is being uneducated.
The LONELIEST thing in this world is having no job.
The most horrible thing in this world is envying someone else's life.
The noblest thing in this world is serve other people and not make them owe you.
The most beautiful thing in this world is
*... = fill the blank.

According to this saying, "the pleasantest dan most amazing thing in this world is keep working as long as you live". Well may be not as long as I live, but hey isn't the one whom made this proverb a hard worker or what?! If he/she willing to work as long as they live, why can't I work hard NOW?

ps. I don't translate all of the quotes because I'm afraid my limited English ability would ruin the beautiful sentences that are already translated from the original version (in Japanese) into Indonesian by the pros.
And please forgive the imperfection of quotes I did translate...

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