Monday, May 04, 2009

6 Items EVERYbody's Wearing.

At least everybody on magz and blogs I see.

It's either this combination:

oversize shirt, rolled-up jeans, and ankle boots.

Or one of this piece:

Shorts + tights and wide/floppy hat.

They are as dictated by designers one or two seasons (or even more) ago.
But hey, dictated or not, clothes are meant to be wore everyday, every time and it WOULD be boring to wear the same things every single day. We long for something unique. Something not just plain and simple.
That's why, I guess, we wear these items (even though) similar to everybody else every where.
Or may be we just want to be a part of a so called fashion world?

May be yes, may be no....(iya, iklan bgt;)
What do you think?

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