Sunday, May 17, 2009

Choir is My Life (till next July at least)

With the blessing of GOD ALMIGHTY, my uni choir - Paduan Suara Mahasisswa Universitas Hasanuddin (PSM-UH) is going to participate in the upcoming first ever World Choir Championship next July in Korea.

We've practice our asses off - for real - especially lately this week, mainly because obsviously July is getting closer....and closer....and closer...

I'm struggling for singing "alone" in the team - my A1 partner is sick (GET WELL SOON YOU!). Not very easy, as it turns out. The songs are in EIGHT harmony (1st&2nd sopranos, 1st&2nd altos, and so on). And me and Ina are 2nd alto. She being very busy with work, got sick few days ago. So I ended up singing my lungs out. Perhaps I tried too hard or may be not hard enough. Well, that's what practices are for!
Pray for me, dear friends...

But of course we always have time to take pictures between practices!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Gonna tell you about the songs and concept, but not this time. =D

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dewiana liku layuk allo said...

io, banyak jobnya itu ina.. biasa se liat di koran..hahaha