Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The INJE Trip #2

It supposed to be the World Choir Championship trip, the Gyeongnam, South Korea trip. But no, I'm gonna called it the INJE trip since there where I spent most of my days in Gyeongnam.

After the competition performance, though we are very upset about one of our friends not being able to came with us, thank God he gave us the strength to sing very well I must say. We were so satisfied with our performance. We sang just like how we are thought, well there are tiny little mistakes I made here and there but I don't it affected our performance as a whole. All in all, we were thrilled. We were so full of excitement for have performed so well, our super cool bus driver decided to turn on his disco tune in his bus. He turn off the usual bus light and turn this disco light on the bus (yes people, like the disco ball), and played this pete2 disco songs. And we dance or Baju Bodo on unstoppably! It was madness. He was driving on the free way and there barely any other cars. So we danced and danced!

The best accessory ever: medal and trophy as
The Winner of the 3rd Price World Choir Competition,
Grand Prix,
Folkolore category!

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