Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belut Kesengsaraan

Anyone have read "The Magic Thief" book? The author Sarah Prineas use this phrase: "misery eel". Or in Indonesian, "belut kesengsaraan".

Do you see how fascinating the phrase is?
Eel is a slippery cold blooded creature. Associate it with a noun, misery.
How do you describe the feeling misery? Lonely? Distress? Discomfort?

Imagine when you're feeling misery.
All those burdens on your back, suffocating feelings, chills in your bones.... Like a slimy cold eel sliding down your neck, stifling you....

"The rain started up again, not a hard rain, but a cold one, just enough to get into your bones and make you shiver. A good night for misery eels."
- the magic thief

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Deborah Hassa said...

Stumbled upon Neri Per Caso last nite and it reminded me of you :)
hope all is well with u dear.