Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brown Kirino! Nomor Satu Se-Jepang!

This manga is SEMI-HENTAI, for 18y.o

Onsen Paradise
by Shota Kikuchi is one of my all time favorite manga.
It's about a woman named Brown Kirino, aged unknown, who owns a hot spring - although throughout the four series it has rarely shown any paying guest stay there unlike in most onsen in another mangas I've read, except for Kirino's friends and visitors. She works as a writer and lives with Lolimomo, her housekeeper. The story revolve about Kirino's and her friends as well as the people in her town's life.

Brown Kirino is drawn as a woman with severe sex appeal. She wears yukata or kimono most of the time, but sometimes she also wear western clothes. Despite her careless attitude, she has deep knowledge about Japanesse tradition as well as antique items. Not only she knows greatly about it, she lives the tradition as well. Never shown owning television, her favorite entertainment is drinking sake and eating sashimi on antique utensils while watching the full moon. She loves sake and shopping antiques, mostly porcelaine sake jar or ceramics plate for the snacks to accompany the sake. Brown Kirino is potrayed as a legendary gorgeous woman who lives in a small town whom even more popular than movie stars (as told in ep.24).

What I love most about this manga is the peculiar subjects it proposes: red ginger that makes people forget, going to unatetsu to eat unagi, a girl who farted in front of her boyfriend, a girl who forget to flush the toilet, magic sake jar, lower body hair, kinako mochi, kotatsu, and so on and so forth.

This manga contains more footnotes than any other manga that I've ever read. I love it. So glad the translator decided to keep a lot of the Japanese phrases!
Well. Doesn't mean I'll love it when suddenly every manga is full with footnotes. Anyway.

Favorites quotes and jokes from Onsen Paradise:

"Sampai bilang mau membuang jati diri cewek, lakukan setelah jadi perempuan."
"To say gonna throw away identity as a girl, do it after become a woman."

"Ini kebijakan dan logika dari alam"
"This is wisdom and logic from nature"

"Supaya dapat harga awal yang rendah di pasar ikan"
"To get low beginning price in the fish market"

"Musim panas memang harus panas! Kalau takut terik matahari, gimana bisa makan dengaku?!"
"Summer is supposed to be hot! If afraid to sunshine, how could you eat dengaku?!"

"Untuk membelah unagi perlu latihan tiga tahun, untuk membuat kushi perlu delapan tahun! Untuk merebus delapan tahun, dan untuk membakarnya butuh waktu seumur hidup!"
"To split unagi need three years training, to make kushi need eight years! To boil eight years, and to roast them need a lifetime!!"

"Brown si setan ingatan, yang nggak akan melupakan dendam dan utang!"
"Brown the memory demon, who won't forget grudge and debt!"

"L-U-P-A-K-A-N S-A-J-A S-E-M-U-A M-A-R-I M-E-N-A-R-I S-A-J-A"
"F-O-R-G-E-T E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G L-E-T'-S J-U-S-T D-A-N-C-E"

"Reversed Bingo"

"Laki-laki yang telah memakai habis keberuntungannya"
"The man who has out used his luck"

"Buat apa aku ikut kegiatan bocah yang namanya bahasa asing semua begitu?"
"What for should I join those childish foreign names activities?"

"Aku nggak punya waktu untuk pergi ke tempat bermain bocah yang penuh mesin dan berbahasa asing begitu"
"I don't have time to go to child's playground which filled with machines and in foreign language like that"

"Itu Brown!!""Bohong!! Masa?! Yang asli?!""APA? Brown yang jadi bahan pembicaraan itu?! Untung kita datang!!"

Awesome :)

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