Monday, August 22, 2011

Accessing Your Pain

Still related to previous post. Beside Firasat by Marcell, past experience enable me to access a painful memory and not just when singing this song. Even listening to it, my heart's pounding and there's a sinking feeling in my chest that burns a little. Well, past experience and Glenn's haunting vocals. I bet he access his pain a lot when singing this song.

What's odd, I think, is the experience isn't even mine. Years ago, my brother and his girlfriend had some problem. One time, they broke up. My brother got home, I don't know what was going on inside his head, but then I heard a howl. Perhaps he was frustrated he needed to scream. But that let out of his aching heart, my God, I can tell he was in great pain. I still can remember the sound to this day. It was like he was dreadfully wounded.

Months later, on his birthday, they met. The two talked privately, while a friend of theirs sang this song. After that beautiful moment, they reconciled.

Now they've got married and has the most handsome son. Yes people, I have a nephew who's even more handsome than Nicholas Saputra. Hahaha. Anyway.

The song is Tega by Glenn Fredly


di tengah rasa rinduku yg menggebu
kau bersama dia
di saat-saat ku menunggu dirimu
kau bersama dia
*courtesy of
reff: bila kau cinta aku
mengapa kau tipu diriku
tuk bersama dia

kau bunuh hatiku
saat ku bernafas untukmu
kau kebanggaan aku
yg tega menipuku

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