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"Glory to my Nation!!"

Mafalda is a comic strip created by Argentine author, Quino.
The background was in the 60s-70s, when Argentine
was ruled by autocratic military regime. Mafalda, aged 5, potrayed the young generation from middle class economy.
She criticized the situation in her country from an innocent child's perspective.
rougout the series, Mafalda constantly asked questions, made observations, complained, and criticized social, politics and international situations to her parents and friends.
She did this so frequently sometimes she annoyed people around her

Other characters are Mafalda's friends such as Felipe the dreamer, Manolito the capitalist, Susanita the bourgeouise, Libertad the radical, Mama and Papa (Mafalda's parents), Guille – Mafalda’s little brother, and Miguelito the philosoper.
What amazes me is even though the comic was created decades ago in Argentine, it's still relevant today in Indonesia...
Guess the world hasn't changed all that much, has it?

In 2000, Quino once stated, "The world now is still the same with the world Mafalda harshly criticized in 1973, when I no longer continue the comic strip, or even worse. I'm glad the comic is still being read, but
in the other hand it's sad to think that social injustice that she complained about it still existing until now.

Mafalda is so little and adorable, yet she's so critical and curious about the situation in her country and the world. Add the various mix of personalities of her friends, the characters make this comic as an everlasting work, incite millions of readers across the globe with the wit, sarcasm, and humour.

Let the comic speaks for itself.
Here are some of my personal favorite stripes of Mafalda :)

Mom: What are you pretend-playing, kids?

Kids: We're the government.

Mom: OK. But don't do something stupid, ok.

Maf: Chill, Mom. We really ARE not doing anything.

Mom: MAFALDA! Take your jacket off the floor!

Maf: No way! I don't need to bow on anyone's order! I'm the president!

Mom: Oh OK! But mommy's the World Bank and IMF!

Maf: (thinking) Wow. Mom IS smarter than me.

Teacher: ... So in conclusion, what shape is the earth?

Mano: Hmm... Eee... Oh! Circle.

T: Circle. That's right! Now, our earth also has area that narrows down... where?

Mano: Eh... Spirit?

S: So when we're adult, we're gonna be big madams that establish foundati on to help those poor and helpless people!
S: And then.... We're gonna host charities that serves a lot food! Chicken, ducks, beef, and a lot more! Then we'll gather a lot of funds!
S: To buy bread, beans, eggs, and you know, that sort of stuff, for them.

S: Felipe, no need to be so bumped about your disloged teeth! The mice will take and trade it with money!
F: Reaaaaally? Moneeeey? From mice? For MEEEE??
S: Yes.
F:(thinking) I never thought that mice are animals that so...
F: It's horrifying, isn't it? Just now I learnt to hate other being because of money!

S: On and on with politics! Go on! You Make me sick with politics!
S: Politics is a disaster! Politics is everybody's fault. Politics this, politics that....
S: You know what you are? You are politics daughter in law! Nah! There!

Mafalda reading from dictionary; Democracy (origin Greek word, Demos: people, and Kratos: p ower) a government form where power is within people's hand.

On a related note, I sent a comment to Mafalda fanmail, and it was published at the back cover! Hoorah!! :D


* btw, forgive my poor translation. Huhuhu

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