Friday, January 27, 2012

Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Hogmanay (Scottish English: [ˌhɔɡməˈneː], hog--AY) is the Scots word for the last day of the year and is synonymous with the celebration of the New Year (Gregorian calendar) in the Scottish manner.
*from wikipedia
*this is a blog post, not an essay. it's ok to quote wikipedia here.

Went to Edinburgh for New Year and it was magnificent! The city is very charming. There were castles and bagpipers, "red hot chili pipers", merry go round, some sort of mini amusement park near the Scott monument, etc etc. When we went there, it wasn't as cold as I expected so it added the level of greatness! :D Well, I was excited the whole time.
merry go round, ferris wheel, and other amusement rides near the Scott Monument

A church (as i recall) inside the castle complex

Oven baked haddock fish with leek sauce. worth every penny, dear me.

Adam Smith

So he was Scottish. I did not know that. It was cool to accidentally found his statue.
According to wikipedia he wasn't born in Edinburgh, but died there...

Deep fried Mars Bars

Ultimate fatness.
So you have a bar of Mars chocolate. Dipped it in batter, deep fried, then sprinkle it with choco powder, and served with whipped cream. I must have gained 847293kg after ate this.

The highlight of our trip was the Hogmanay Street Party.
So every new years eve, the Edinburgh city (probably), held a big party on the street in Edinburgh. People called it the street party, every last day of the year. I think it started with a parade, there were music concerts, and there were food stalls inside. That's where we found the deep fried mars bars. And then, starting at 9pm they would started fireworks every hour. The biggest one of course were the ones at midnight.
However. There were sooooooooo many people! We bumped into several Indonesian students from other cities before the party, but never seen them again after we got in. We literally stand in our spot for three hours. Because there were so many people, we had to guard our cool-no-trees-or-building-blocking-our-view spot!!
If you chose to wander around before 12 o'clock stroke, well all I can say is good luck finding a good place to watch the remarkable fireworks. Some people tried to pushed us aside, especially the drunk groups. But we stood still, we stood strong. Yeah.

Nevertheless, the fireworks were spectacular. It was so big, felt like it was blown in my face.
I love it. I have to apologize to my friends though. Since I was cheering so loud, I probably ruined everyone's videos. Hahahahahahaha sahrry...

The big gigantic fireworks!

I tried to edit my Hogmanay fireworks video using iMovie. Hope you guys can kinda slightly somehow enjoy it.

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