Sunday, July 01, 2012

An Ode To Unirider

HAHAHAHAHA what a pretentious title. Naah, I can't write poems. Fear not lads and babes, I'm not gonna pretend I can write a poem, let alone an ode. This is just a regular blog post about.... Unirider!! It's the bus pass we students use throughout this past 10 months, since September 2011. Today is its last day. *sentimental song as background.*

The Unirider is a very important item, for me at least. It's much cheaper to go around the town with, compared to buying, say, weekly bus pass or daily rider. I use it to go to MBS, church, city centre, Trafford, gym, and so on and so forth. Sometimes I walk to school but other times, when I was almost late, it was snowing or raining, I use the bus.

About a month ago I lost it somehow. However, somebody returned it. That's one thing I like about UK, people return your belongings. If you left your mobile in a cafe, you could go back and still find it safely kept for you! Well I can't guarantee, but it happened to me. :)

Le Unirider of Danilela
That's not my real student card, btw. My photo for student card is hideous, it's too embarrassing even for me. So I edited it with this photo of me wearing Beatles wig doing hipster teens pose. ;)


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