Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counting Down Manchester

Writing blog posts while listening to ballads WILL put you in melancholy.

I've bought my return ticket. My return for good ticket. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings about going home. I'm super excited to meet all my loved ones back home. However, it would be really sad to say goodbye to my friends here. Especially my classmates, whom will also return to their homes and jobs in every corner of the globe. We don't know when we'd meet again. How do you make a promise to see a friend in Nigeria in foreseeable future? I'll meet my Indonesian friends again, I'm sure. Most of them live in Jakarta, it is not that difficult to see each other in, say, next four months. But the ones in Chile, Brazil, India... I have only known them for a year. It's very short, yes. But I've spent a lot of my time with them and they are a big part of my life here. That's how life goes, I know. But I'm not made of stone, so the thought of having to say goodbye is saddening.

Another thing I'd miss is walking from WP Hall to Precinct. Not exactly the destination, but the journey...There's nothing special in Precinct, really. But you have to go there to reach Harold Hankins, where we go for Kemisan and the PGT admin is also located there. Also, I like the one long stairs that takes you three levels. That's why I use Precinct access to go to EDL or MBS PC cluster.

Nowadays, I usually walk everywhere because my bus pass has expired. Most of the time, I'd walk while listening to music. Everyday, in this past year, I'd walked four flights of stairs, pass other houses in Whitworth Park Hall, press the fob to pass the gate, and walk to wherever I need to go.

These past few days, the sky is clear. With breezy summer wind, walking with my music. It feels so good, however hipster it may sound. I will definitely miss these walks. Because I doubt I'd walk in Makassar. It's hot and mostly we drive everywhere there. You either drive, or use motorcycle, or pete2, or becak. You don't walk. I don't know whether Makassar has sidewalks or not now. But unless we do, I don't think I'm gonna walk with my earphone on like I do here. 

Again, one year is a short period. But it is the one period in my life where I experience SO MUCH. I live by myself, I've met plenty good people, tried countless new things. I have spent my whole life living in the same city. Don't get me wrong, I love Makassar. I am going back and planning to spend my life there. That's what makes my one year in Manchester so special. It is the one year in which I don't live in Makassar. A whole year of all different things. It has been a wonderful year.

OK that's enough melancholy for one post hahaaha. 

Here are some random pictures of street corners I usually walk through.

Gorgeous Manchester summery sky

My favorite popsicle: Calippo!! 
Perfect for sunny days :D

Now that I only have few weeks left in Manchester, I want to enjoy every single day of it. 
Meaning: walk while listening to music more, spend time with my wonderful friends, eat good food, and do massive downloading. I'm gonna miss the amazing internet speed so much. Hahaha. 


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