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The internet is dark and full of spoilers. Unsullied, don't read this post.
I am serious. This post contains some major spoilers. If you haven't read the last book, don't read this. Don't say I don't warn you.

Episode 8.
Best episode of Game of Thrones season 5. Yet.

Today I am finally making a guess based by evidence shown both in the books and show. The show has gone beyond the books, since the books are not finished yet. Suprisingly, it's getting even more interesting. I have never dared to make a guess for the ending of ASOIAF, mainly because after the death of Ned and Robb Stark, there is no safe guess as who will truly win the game of thrones anymore.

I did, however, guess that it will all lead to a battle between the White Walkers and the dragons. After all the series is called A Song of ICE and FIRE. But the show is called Game of Thrones. Who shall win the game?

Jon Snow's journery to Hardhome was a depart from the books. I gotta say, I half hoped he'd die there instead of being stabbed by his brothers of the watch. Especially now that the show has implied how Olly in particular disagrees with JS' decision about wildlings. But one thing for sure, as have happened in the books, JS is a goner. I was hoping the show would differ from the book for this. But he is the poster boy of this season and GoT is famous for killing its poster boys. Ned... Robb... And soon Jon... You are missed.

Back to my guess.
The white walkers emerge as an army. So majestically, so mysteriously. An army of undead. Different with most zombies stories, where the undead merely march and attack. Without weapons, without commanders. GRR Martin created them as an almost organized, definitely dangerous species. The biggest threat to human kind. Ingenious.

The White Walkers emerge.
The one with the fire of dragons intends to "break the wheel".
Freefolks and the Night's Watch ally to face threat of the undead.
The fear of god is restored in King's Landing, enforcing the law of faith to the previously untouchable royals. How the royals and common people are the same before the gods.

Great houses rise and fall. Traditionally, the good and noble characters triumph in fantasy stories. But Ned and Robb teach us that those qualites aren't enough.
People need someone who is "the right kind of terrible", like Tyrion in this episode.
As it applies in the real world. As history dictates.

I believe these are all indications that in the  end, the game of thrones will be won by none other than Daenerys Targaryen along with the common people. She would save westeros from white walkers. She would establish some sort of democracy in her government, perhaps constitunional monarchy. Daenerys did say she would "break the wheel". Implying she will straighten those monarchs, enforce them to think more about their people, less about themselves. Their pride, their glory, their revenge. Look at the nights watch. Years have they been pleading for help from the kings and great lord. Only Stannis came for their aid. Other lords and kings are too occupied with their wars and games and misplaced pride. Leaving the coomon folks as the victims. Daenerys wants to "break that wheel". How forward thinking of her.

May be Daenerys would make new government, where the monarchs are restricted by constitutions and someone common people elect would take charges. The common people would no longer be victims of the royals' problems.
They will elect a leader who is, again, "the right kind of terrible". That happend to the British Kingdom, you know. The constitutional monarchy part, not the zombies vs dragons part. May be tyrion will be elected as first prime minister hahaha. No. I jape, I jape. It's hard to imagine how Daenerys will reach westeros, though. Now she is lost in the great grass sea as the last book tell. Faraway from her kingdom, with only Drogon, her fiercest dragon, by her side. Aaaarrggghhh!! Just when things seem to get better for Daenerys!! Damn you GRR Martin! I love you, but I also despise you.

I still can't guess what will happen to the Starks children in the end. What will happen to the very much still alive Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon? Everyone thinks they're all dead. They themselves think all their siblings are dead. Poor Starks children. Pawns of the most tragic storylines. I really hope GRRM will reunite them in happy circumstances in the end.  

If my guess is somewhat correct, that means George R R Martin is building a story that leads to a war between zombies and dragons that will end in government reformation. All the while the characters entangled in super complicated conflicts. Mannnnn. In-ge-nious.

I do realize my prediction seems very off-course, but there are a lot of unusual, unconventional storylines in this series. 

Could my prediction be somewhat correct? American authors do like to make stories about destroying bad governments and establish democracy-driven ones. Suzan collins did exactly that in the hunger games. May be GRRM is doing that as well? In his twisted and intricate way?

This is merely a guess.
Can't wait for the next episode.

Valar Morghulis.
Valar Dohaeris.

Daniella Sampepajung

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