Friday, December 16, 2016


I can't believe I only posted ONCE in 2016.

Shame. Shame. Shame. (ringing bell behind).

Anyhoo, let's bask up in memories again. This time I want to count back on how many concerts I have been to. I'm not much of a concert goers, hence the oh so many concerts missed during my study in UK. I wasn't interested in Coldplay concerts, how foolish was I. They were all over the country. All year round. Jamie Cullum didn't held any, Adele was pregnant or something when I was there, so she didn't held any either. However, I did have gone to several others during my lifetime. It's nothing impressive, really.

Let's try to remember and enlist them:
1. Christmas Concert - JPCC. Just last Monday!
2. Sheila on 7 concert. My first ever concert, back in junior high school.
3. Jamie Cullum. BEST one yet.
4. Boyz II Men. Got a free ticket from a friend, this was the only one concert I attend in UK lols. (cry in despair). Whyyyy did I thought too much and missed Lady Gaga. whyyyyy.
5. Tompi.
6. Santana. Java Jazz. Super awesome.
7. Diversity.
8. Trio Lestari. BEST as well!
9. Maliq and D'Essentials.
10. Sheila on 7. Different occasion, can't remember when, though.
11. SNSD! My God I believe this was the MOST CROWDED concert I have been to. People pushing each other, there were literally sea of humas. I moved like 10m from the first spot I stood on, because of all the pusing. It was insane.

Man, those are the only onse I can recall for now. Oh well. Told ya, I'm not much of a concert goers.

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