Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley

Opa W.I.M and fam gave me this book as my 17th birthday gift.
I personally think she's such a good role model (as an entrepreneur at least). Witty, intelligent, tough.

Just i ncase you don't know....
So Scarlett O'Hara is the main character from the book "Gone with The Wind" written by Margaret Mitchell.

The Scarlett I'm refering in this post is the same character, except it's from the sequel book titled "Scarlett" written by Alexandra Ripley. In the sequel, Scarlett O'Hara has grown up so much, even more mature in love, given birth to fifth child, and became landlord in Ireland.

Scarlett O'Hara

Gone with The Wind sequel

I accidentally watched the movie/tv series version in Hallmark, but not entirely cause I had to go somewhere....
For things like this I really wish I have my own credit card. So I can buy Scarlett in dvd via ebay.

Anyway, the gowns!! Don't you just love it when people back in the 18th century wore their big massive gowns, with bows, drappery, ruffles, and all?
Beauty, such beauty!
Some af the pictures actually come from the "Gone with The Wind" movie.
But still, stunning, isn't it?

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