Thursday, January 27, 2011

Depends on How You Look at It

From Urban
The world is in the eye of the beholder; it all depends on how you look at things;
Everything is quantifiable in terms of individual perception.

Ever since "24 Wajah Billy", I learned that there could be a lot of explanations behind someone's behavior, character, and reaction.

When somebody do something wrong, may be it's not just because he/she is basically evil. There could be thousands of reason behind it. May be he was protecting something, may be he thought he was protecting something, may be he honestly thought what he did was an act of kindness. "I'm just trying to end her pain", said the little pale boy, after slicing his nanny's neck. Creepy, but true.

Take Voldemort, for instance.
Why did he killed all those people? To increase his magic power. To build a back up soul storage device.
Why ended someone's life is needed to achieve that purpose? Because it is needed. Like science, you know. Scientist killed rats and hamsters in lab, Lord Voldermort killed people he considered disposable. Most people would consider it as cruelty, Lord Voldemort thought it was "for a greater good".
Why did he killed more, even when he has achieve all greatness? May be because it was addictive? Like Cruella de Vil wears fur coats?
He was a genius wizard, had an unhappy childhood in his orphanage. Probably because he was different. May be he wasn't treated nicely, thus the anger hatred rooted.
This is not a perfect explanation on Voldemort's case, I know, but I kinda understand why he did what he did.

It depends on how you look at it, right? From Potter's perspective, "He killed my uncle."
Wait, no, that's from Chinese kungfu movie.
From Potter's perspective, Voldemort was the wizard who killed his parents.
From Voldemort's perspective, he was a great wizard expanding himself for what he believes in. Unfortunately what he believes include either ending people lives or put them into great misery.

These days, we have higher tolerance for conducts which are traditionally evil.
What used to be consider wrong doings are now cool.
For example, robbery. Who doesn't like Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen? Apart from the gorgeous casts the thieving action was awesome, don't you think?
Despicable me dude. He's not despicable at all, he's adorable.
Catch Me If You Can, Bandits, The Dark Knight, Inside Man, Public Enemies, The Departed. Come oooonnn.
Murder. Sweeney Todd. Many people slaughtered in the movie, yet we still admire Johny Depp's singing during.

Well, ok, I can't think of another example for murder category.
But you see what I mean here, rite?

Perspective is important. You need it before deciding to like someone or not.
ADDS. Ada dendam di suaramu, sayanggg.


Two characters I can't put my mind to like, can't figure out their excused from being so wicked, are Count Olaf from The Series of Unfortunate Events and Dolores Umbridge. No matter how I try to twist and turn the possible reasons of their vile doings. I can't have any sort of empathy towards them, only despise.

On those two, I cant see any other perspective than they are mere evil.

Same goes with the non fictional characters in my world.

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