Tuesday, March 06, 2012

British Tea Time

I think I read it in Agatha Christie's novel. British people like to have afternoon tea because they have dinner at rather late at night, quite long after lunch. Logically, they'd be rather hungry at noon. Thus began the afternoon tea tradition.
*After a quick glimpse on wikipedia, that is indeed the case. The afternoon tea tradition started around 1840s.

Me and my friends sometimes like to go to nice tea places to have tea and cakes. It's part of the experience you know. And there are lots of delicious cakes offered, we are not going to resist it!

Em... Let me just point of here that I did NOT single-handedly ate all these cakes. Some are what my friends had, I just took the pictures...
*usaha pencitraan*

Classic tea time snack: scones

Druckers's apple pie, cheesecake, and hot choco with marshmallow

Patisserie Valarie: Cheesecake

You can't say you've lived in UK until you had carrot cakes!!
And it tastes.....hmm...not exactly my taste... Blimey, it tastes like carrot....

"So many eager young bunny I'd like to pursue!
There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it!"
- Runaway Baby by B.M.
Not related to post at all, but I'm listening to it while writing syalalalalaaaa

Deuchey tea set! Hahaha
I keed, I keed. That's a tea leaves filter for your teacup. Neat, isn't it?

cakey cake cake cake cake

Fatty fatty fatty hot choco with whipped cream and marshmallows


Fruit Cake

Betty's at York

Hands down is the best tea place I've ever been to.
The place is very nice, cakes are HEAVENLY, tea sets are even deuchier (fancy oh so fancy), and we had the cakes served with fancy cake stand. It was an ultimate British Tea Time experience for me. Totally worth the spend and the time queueing (an hour or so!)

Some pictures belong to Khairissa Permata Putri and Rivel Desagi :)

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