Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Old TV Shows

As a teenager, when I weren't reading Hercule Poirot series (or comics, yayaya), I spent a lot of time in front of TV. Mainly Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. When my friends flirting with boys, I watched reruns on indovison. Glamorous life, I know. These are some shows I loved the most.


It a mind blowing show, I'm telling you! So this guy, Neil Buchanan, made a lot of artsy thing on TV. He's very creative. I remember he would show us somethings that seemed easy to do. And if we actually tried it, we could actually (sort of) made it! My favorite part was the big art attack. So the idea is using some random object to make a very big picture, but you need to see the object from above or afar in order to really "see it". I'm so good at explaining things, am I not? HUHUHU. Here, see for yourselves.


2. That's So Raven

It's about a girl who can foresee the future and then get into crazy situations.

3. The Amanda Show

This is actually the show that helped skyrocketed Amanda Bynes' career. Not that her career is so bright right now, unfortunately. I used to think this show so supremely hilarious. But now, not so much. Hmm. I do grow. May be a little.

4. Kenan and Kel

About two bestfriends... Orange soda!! *again, so extraordinarily good at explaining things*

5. Figure it Out

This one is a game show. You have to guess a kid's capability/hobby/invention, using bizarre clues. The ones guessing is a panel of celebrities. If those celebrities do a "slime action" (?), say picking their nose or something, they will get slimed. The slime action is some silly things the panel did not know about, except for the audience. There are three round. If the panel can't guess after each round, the kid will get cool prizes. Kinda cool in concept, but after some time you get bored watching it. Still amusing to see the panels get slimed, though.

Well. That's five TV shows I used to watched all the time. Some people like MTV, but I never really enjoy the shows there much. I dunno. Not exactly MTV kind of kid.

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