Saturday, March 17, 2012

So I Just Got Home From A Pub

*reader discretion is advised*

It's called the Footage at Oxford. The place is cool. It's big, wasn't overcrowded, the music was good, there were game machines, pool tables, lots of tables and stools for people to have drinks while having conversations, and so on. So me and my friend, Amaka, were having nice chat (read: gossiping) when we notice some "interesting" people. After a couple of hours of observation, I'm compelled to write about it now. Because, boy, I saw some unique characters! These characters drew my attention because I don't see many of them, especially back home. According to Amaka, these characters are typical and you can always spot them in most pubs, most clubs.

Character #1: Need-some Gal/Dude (wingman is optional)
I know the term wingman from the TV series How I Met Your Mother. It's basically a dude (or a gal) who help his/her friend to get laid. So earlier this evening, I saw this girl whom wore a bright pink neon bracelet. She was dancing with her friend (winggirl suspect), shaking her booty, eyeing guys... This is a pub, mind you. So you can dance, but contrary to clubs, you're not oblige to. Not that hot, anyway. I mean, man, was she shake her thing. You can tell she's looking for attention. That was the reason that made us came to conclusion that she needs some. Like you can tell she was trying. And her friend was there, didn't dance as hotly, so we assume she was there just so her friend didn't dance by herself. After an hour, we saw them left with two guys. Mission accomplished?

Character #2: I'm-Very-Drunk-but-Dammit-I Can-Dance Dude
The title is very obvious isn't? So there was this one guy, clearly drunk, but he surely can dance. He got some cool moves, enjoyed himself and danced around. It's Friday night! Rock on dude!

Character #3: Random Creepy Dude
This last character is the most typical one. The one I saw tonight was bald, really drunk, and unlike character#2, he can NOT dance. He was walking around the pub, all alone, danced with no sense of rhythm at all, stared at people, walked across the dance floor back and forth while jiggling his hands... At one point he stand in the middle of the room, making triangle shape with his hands. So random it's hilarious.

This post is based on short observation, merely for fun. I had a great chat with Amaka, let some steam off, and spot some "special" people. I didn't take any picture because, duh, I'm not gonna take photos of some strangers without their permission. It's impolite. And it's dark, so I couldn't do it secretly because I'd need flash. Hehehehe.
Now that I'm thousand of miles away from home, I'm bound to see different sights, experience different things. But that doesn't mean I'd be careless and do things which I can not take responsibility of. Oh well.

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