Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Gracious, It's Greece! #3 - The Food

The best thing about Greece was the food. Good God, those Greeks can cook good food. *just incase the first sentence wasn't clear enough*. Ehm. So. Greece. Food. Greeeeeeeat.

I learned to love lamb there, had plenty of fresh seafood, tried octopus (the big giant one), learned the difference of squid and cuttle fish hahaha, and of course had moussaka, gyros, baklava and other traditional Greek dishes. Oh and every meal we had came with a basket of warm bread. The bread was ALWAYS served warm. So great.

Unfortunately, since I have delayed writing about this due to school deadlines, I can't recall most of the dishes' names.  -_____- So sorry, my bad. I remember that they always use plenty of herbs, red peppers, oh and their eggplant dishes are just exquisite! Anyway. Most of the food names I've forgotten, so please forgive the inaccuracy guys...

(clockwise) Greek Salad, spaghetti, stuffed squid, some other pasta dish *sorry guys*, pork/lamb chop 

(clockwise) Moussaka, probably yoghurt dipping with olives, stuffed calamari *may be*, kebab, Greek yoghurt with honey and slices of Baklava, creme brulee, Gyros.

(clockwise) THE EGGPLANT yeahh, beautiful warm bread, more beautiful basket of warm bread, grilled vegetables.
(clockwise) Moussaka, lamb with vegetables and pita bread, fish..., lamb (?) with some sort of rice... Omg ingatan eke payah maap...
cuttle fish

not exactly traditional Greek food, but this waffles were SO good!


This post concludes the series of my experience in Greece. All in all, I had a great time with Imee, Gaby, Albert, and Rivel. It was so fun going to these new places, experience such great food, and saw really good looking people. Hahaha. Oh well, Pywedont jarang ji baca blogku. :p

Even though every night during the holiday me and Imee had to make time to read journals and write papers, but nevertheless it was such a wonderful journey. 

I'm gonna end the Good Gracious, It's Greece! series with a picture of the delicious Gyros dish. Yum.

Gyros with Pita bread and chips and salad.

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