Monday, June 10, 2013

If you're responsible then you should've put an end to it

>> the girl who likes lousy pun... read the title in "Single Ladies" tune....

Here are some book and manga titles that I demand for the ending story!!
1. A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin
2. Topeng Kaca a.k.a Garasu No Kamen by Suzue Miuchi
3. Detective Conan a.k.a Meitantei Conan by Aoyama Gosho

I mean, I understand that authors and their publishers have their reasons to keep highly popular or even legendary series on the long running. But passionate reader such as myself is waiting in agony for the ending.... (T_____________T)

Well, to be fair, Martin probably isn't delaying the ending on purpose.  A Song of Ice and Fire series has a very realistic and complicated story hence the long time needed to finish it. But honestly, since Martin is an older writer - 64 years old. He started the series back in 1996. Yes. 19 fkin 96. Seventeen years ago. Only God knows when he'll gonna finish writing it. I don't think even Martin himself knows. He's old, what if something happens to him before he writes the whole thing?? *crying* The New York Times did reported "in 2011 that at 62, Martin was by all accounts in robust health". So there's hope.

From wikipedia, my forever trustworthy non-academical source, writes,
"Early during the development of the TV series, Martin told major plot points to producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss in case he should die. Benioff and Weiss learned more future plot points from Martin in 2013 to help them set up the show's new possible seasons. Deviations from the books' storylines are being considered, but a two-year show hiatus to wait for new books is not an option for them as the child actors continue to grow and the show's popularity would wane.[54] Martin indicated he would not permit another writer to finish the book series.[39]"

I can go on and on and on when it comes to A Song of Ice and Fire, so let's stop for now.

The never ending story of Topeng Kaca will have its own blog post, so I'm gonna skip that.

Thus we arrive at the final rant of the never ending series that I demand the author to put an end to:
Detective Conan. The series has reached #73 for its Indonesian translation, there seems no plans made for an ending... I mean really. It's not like Conan is a children manga, like Doraemon or Miiko, which doesn't have a big storyline. Detective Conan does have a story line. That is the exact reason why it needs a finale. Unlike Miiko or Nobita who can repeat 5th and 4th grade respectively every single year. It saddens me to see Ran waiting for Sinichi to return. He's never gonna, hun. Go find someone else. *emosi*

A good story needs an ending. Finish what you started.
Sometimes I thought those authors don't have that much compassion for their characters... Don't they wanna know what their children (characters the author made) end up at? Do they want their children die with them, not knowing what kind of lives they're leading to? 

Sad ending, bitter ending, happy ending, even mysterious uncomprehending ending is acceptable for me. At least it ends. Harry Potter ended. So did The Hunger Games series, Hercule Poirot, LOTR, The Golden Compass, Narnia, For the Rose, Popcorn, Working Man, Hotaru's Light...

At least Martin has arranged the ending plot.

Responsible authors put an end to their stories.

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