Wednesday, February 29, 2012

British Cake

By cake, i mean face powder and foundation. These girls like to cake their faces! Just went to the laundry and saw five caked-faces. That's many because the distance from my flat to laundrette room is a mere 40m or so. I am guilty of caking my face as well, especially during choir days. But here, a lot of them cake their faces on daily basis. It's freaking jersey shore but it's offshore...5.403.4km apart... Some do look pretty and natural and glamorous... But there are some whom just put way too much you can tell her real face is buried 5cm underneath all the products.
I'm not saying I look better than cake-faced girls, just saying they look a bit...hmm...unconventional.

On not so related note. I haven't made any British Tea Time post with real cakes, have I? Will do soon.

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