Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooking is About Common Sense

That is the exact words of Mr. Albert Aaron. Beside photography, he is also a skillful cook!
He doesn't cook to recipes, mind you. Well, most of the time. Anyway. This post is not about Albert's cooking!
Following his suggestion, I tried to cook some simple dishes. Used simple ingredients, common sense, no recipe!! After some experiments, cooking is not that difficult. Especially for simple dishes like these :D

rice + corn + shrimp + chicken + garlic + shallots + chili + cheese stick

Pork + paprika + mixed spices + nutmeg + red onion

pork + red onion + nutmeg + mixed spices + tomato sauce + garlic + mashed potatoes

sliced pork + red beans + red onion + soy sauce + mixed spices

Well, for this dish, I did use a recipe. So simple!
Minced beef + red onion + egg + mixed spices + peas + corn + cheese

chicken + paprika + red onion + chili + garlic + bumbu ayam goreng Kokita. HIHIHI

mashed potatoes from Tesco + minced beef + egg + red onion

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