Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starstruck: Garance Dore and Scott Schuman

In flesh. Went to London this morning to apply for Greek visa with Albert and Rivel. Albert suggested us to check out London Fashion Week should the we had time. Fortunately, the visa application process did not take very long. So we went. To. London Fashion Week. I was so excited, hoping I could meet bryanboy, one of my most favorite fashion blogger.

Now. You can tell that I am not the most fashionable person in the world when you see me. Nor am I the chicest chick in the bunch nor do I wear high end branded items. Keeping up with the latest trends exhaust me. However, I do like to try dressing smartly, playing dress ups in my room, and am very fond of well dressed people. These past years I don't buy fashion magazines on regular basis anymore because of fashion blogs. Love them mainly for three reasons: free access, clever writing (glamor and cool without greater than thou attitude), and most importantly the immense style inspiration.

Well. This afternoon. Met. Two. Of. All time. Favorite. Bloggers.

Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist
Garance Dore of Garance Dore

Garance Dore. She's a fashion photographer, illustrator, and writer. Love her writing, she's really witty and funny! And she was very nice to me as well.... Goodness!!!! I was so excited and in awe....
Scott Schuman is also a fashion photographer. This man. I read somewhere that he's one of the pioneers of street style photography. He is one of the biggest fashion bloggers now. Well it used to be a blog, now it's a dotcom. He's a front row-er in fashion shows and very cool in person.
I go to their sites every other day and admire their work and wit.

"Hey Garance? I'm a big fan!"

Got starstruck. Badly. I was sooooo happy and stunned. Man. The amount of happiness in me was so tremendous, didn't realize that I did not take any picture with Scott Schuman until we went home. This may be the first time I got so idiotic when meeting someone famous. This does not happen to me when going to concerts. When you go to concert, you know you're going to see the artist. You pay to see them. You are prepared. And usually I don't really want to take my pictures with famous people, I'd rather take pictures of them. But these two. Man. Man. Man. Man. SYALALALLALALAAAA

Btw someone asked a picture of me hahaha. Not really sure if she will post my picture, but asking is a compliment enough for me, ahuhuhu.


Salam norak selalu!

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