Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still in Elation: More LFW Stories

All photos belong to Mr. Albert Aaron Purnomo of @simply_albert.

Related to the last post. By the consent of the photos owner, I would love to share more stories of me, Albert, and Rivel's experience in London Fashion Week arena on February 20th 2012.

Apparently, LFW autumn/spring 2012 started on last Friday, February 17th . There are several venues for the fashion shows. After finish with visa process in Holland Park, we took the London tube and went to the LFW venue in Somerset House near Trafalgar Square.

And boy did everyone there dressed to the max. I mean. Gosh. Forget your usual upper class department stores in Jakarta. There were so many people in stylish, high street, and (some) bizarre outfits. So many colors. Countless architectural hairs.

In addition, that afternoon everyone was relatively friendly. Of the hundreds people Albert asked permission to take the picture of, literally only one person refused to. And it was merely because he was late for a show. I figure, of course they agree to be photographed, must took them quite a lot of effort of deciding what to wear, who to wear, how they were going to wear it, how much to spend on attending-London-fashion-week attire ... There's this one girl who used scarf as camera holder. Talking about doing every single detail to be stylish. Man.

these guys are supposed to be famous, taken from the number of photographers who jumped when they enter the venue. Albert googled them after, and her name was Mollie King?
Funny thing was, a lady also took pictures of them beside Albert. After that she asked us who they were, but we were just as clueless. Huhuhu.

Albert's favorite photo object that day :p

bet he has a sweet ride.

this guy in particular were very friendly.
He was very tall, so he posed like this in order to Albert could take his picture more easily.

Yang punya foto.

Good job with the photos, Albert!! Rivel hasn't upload his, but I'm sure they are just as awesome. :)

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