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Game of Thrones - TV Series

*reader discretion is adviced*
FREAKIN FANTASTIC *with the Brit accent* is the appropriate term for these installments. 
FE-REAK-IN-FAN-TAS-TIC. Bloody hell, it got me excited and blown my mind away over and over throughout the series. I just finished the last episode of its second series, so the excitement is still very much overwhelming me. I love fantasy novels, probably not as hardcore as some other people, but I still do. Even though I just recently discovered this series, which probably means I'm a late entrants of this fandom, but bloody hell I don't give a damn. A credit's due where a credit's due. 

The storyline in freakin complicated, the problems felt so real. You have traitors and uprisings, a woman eating raw heart, incest within castles with a king whom is the son of that relationship - good grief that one is very very sick, zombies within the snowy northern wall, and so on. Oh no, the scandals do not stop there. Those are just some of the first two season of the tv series. I haven't read the books yet.

It is a story when people thought they are the civilised people (don't we always do?), the thought of magic is laughed at, while dragons hatched on different land. The story has so many characters. The  main characters would struggle on issues and concepts such as seeking the greater power of gods, justice, treacheries, question the existence of magic and magical beings, and so on. There are no telling of plain good or bad character. Not exactly a black and white story. One time you'd think this person has a gentle heart, but as the story goes she kills her brother. One time you like this character but it turns out he is stupid. Or even someone who was portrayed as the evil one could turn out to be the hero of the moment. Every character has a background story. The queen conduct incest because the king love a dead woman far more than he loves her. A sister made his barbaric husband pour hot melted gold on her brother's head because he abuses her. Then she walked into fire and hatched dragons. A man betrayed the man he called his brother to prove loyalty to his real father. It is fckin complicated. There is no one character pin as the 'bad guy'. Well, some do characters seem evil, like the red witch for example. But maybe her story hasn't been told yet.

Since it takes place in ancient time, I can accept that people at that time have many gods in different lands, degrade woman, eat human flesh, go to despicable pleasure houses, and show almost no sign of human rights practice. I mean, to my understanding, it took our species a LONG time to get around the idea of human rights, law, democracy, and such. So of course there would be time when people conduct what seems to be very barbaric to us but very normal to them. Like vengeance, for instance. I think most people nowadays are thought that vengeance would give more harm than good, that it is more noble to forgive those who have wronged us. But there were times when the noble and good thing to do is to do revenge. Even if the result is war.

Goodness. I've got my mind blown away many times by this series. It's so good, I've made an order for the books. Not buying the whole series tho. I'm waiting for the collection set hahaaha.

This TV series is adapted from a novel series - Song of Ice and Fire. It has five books already, out of the seven planned. Judging from the tv series alone, the storyline is beyond excellent. But the characters are built so vividly. They have different souls, different traits. It doesn't feel like there is one author telling the stories. You know how in some stories some people say things which are out of their characters? Well, haven't see such thing in in this one. The storyline is also unpredictable. Let me try to make a comparison. In The Secret of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series there is a certain plot the author uses plenty of times. He would build a tension, then as the climax someone whom first portrayed as the enemy to save the day. Repeat at the next chapter. Well. Probably it isn't exactly like that. But there is a certain style he uses over and over again which makes the stories kinda predictable in each books. Don't get me wrong, I like The Secret of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel. It just didn't didn't amazed me as much as Game of Thrones did. Or perhaps I'm just being over excited here, I can't judge the book - haven't even read it yet. However, if wikipedia is factual on this one, the author said that the tv series is very faithful to the original books. Sooo, there's a considerable chance that the books are, in fact, EPIC.

Now that I think about it, I'm glad I discovered this series very recently. The reason is the vulgarity of the story. It shows violence, adulteries, raw flesh eating, a lot of sodom and gommorah kind of things. The books series started in 1996. I would be too young to read it then. If I found it during my teenage years, well I'm not sure how I'd handle it. But now I'm older and hopefully wiser, I can digest a more complicated stories like this. Harry Potter's last book, for example. I read it as a 2nd year undergrad student and was kinda disappointed with the ending. For me, to end the most powerful dark wizard with an open big battle like that was too, for a lack of better word, smooth. It just didn't feel epic enough. But then, Harry Potter is aimed for younger audience. It shouldn't have accurate and sadistic war scenes. Meanwhile, A Song of Fire and Ice is within the epic fantasy genre. Not everyone, nor should they, stomach the indelicacy of the story. The killing scenes are probably as sadistic as the Raid. They freakin show you people beheaded and cutting off throats. And. There were many sex scenes. Good grief, this is no story for kids. Nope nope nope. Ok I'm going off topic.

Overall, I'm super excited for this awesome series, looking forward to the day the books arrived, looking forward for the new season, and I recommend it to anyone age 21+.

I hope the Imp will survive and prosper, as will Arya. And of course, may the mother of the dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea will always be victorious. 

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