Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Weeks of Sun in Manchester

About two weeks ago, we had quite a lot of sun. There was no rain whatsoever and the weather was just plain hot. So hot it made me bought sunscreens. You'd see people walking around half naked. Well, it's understandable, really. Imagine people who are very used to cold weather that they wear only thin jackets in winter, if they feel that warm in winter, the warm weather was probably unbearable for them. Even I feel so hot. What worse is, my room has narrow ceiling which makes it even warmer.

I prefer cold weather really. I mean regular MCR cold, not like, I dunno, north pole cold. During regular rainy Manchester cold, I can turn on the heater, wear layers of clothing, use the umbrella. However, when it's super warm, I've got no AC in my room. Good thing I have a fan. Not electrical fan. A kipas lipat, which I used to kape-kape all night.

The warm weather and the sun didn't stay long, though. Manchester has already returned to its usual rainy and windy days. I'm going home in three months. Honestly, I hope the weather would stay like this until then. I can have all the sun I want once I'm in Makassar.

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