Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Olympic Torch Bearer...


The London Olympics will start next month. The Olympics Torch Relay has been started and last Sunday it was relaid in Manchester. One of the torchbearer was Leehom Wang, apparently a famous Chinese singer. My friend Yuke likes him a lot, so instead of watching the whole relay show in Albert Square, we went to... was it King Street? Well it was right beside Harvey Nichols. We waited for that guy for an hour, saw some athletes passed by, some dancing, and when Leehom Wang finally showed up we saw him for a mere eight seconds. Hahaha. Oh well. He was a damn good looking guy, so it's ok. However, Yuke, the one who waited the most somehow didn't even see him. She was distracted by her cellphone or something. Of course after she was a bit disappointed, so I made her this slowmo video.:D

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