Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Call It Sunday Comfort Food

Meet my dear dear friend Amaka the Chiamaka Callo! She is a smart funny witty woman and also a good cook.

Last Sunday I asked her to cook a rice dish. She doesn't exactly have a name for it, so I'm just gonna call it the "Sunday Comfort Food".

First, you take regular long grain rice.

Put some tumeric, because "I like my food to have sexy colors" - A.O., 22y.o.

Add paprika powder, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

And a bit of Knorr to ensure it tastes great.

Mixed it up, then add some coconut milk and water then boiled it until the rice is cooked.

Put some carrots, mushrooms, and other vegetables of your choice.
Stir some more until vegetables are cooked, put rice aside.

For the protein, we marinated pork and put it in the oven.  


Since we like our vegetables, we also stir some spinach with okra and red onion, mix with butter and some olive oil.

Served with some more fresh tomatoes!! Full of vegetables so the dish is very healthy and appropriate for two young sexy ladies.

However, since the rice is cooked with coconut oil it somehow didn't really go well with pork.
Better to have this rice dish with some other protein like roasted chicken or maybe fish...


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