Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spaghetti Carbonara ala Danilela

Made this for today's meal! Easy, quick, deliiiiicious :)

Recipe loosely based on this vid:

Eggs, bacon, mushroom, spaghetti, milk, cheese, garlic.

 I don't have cream, so used semi skimmed milk instead. Don't have Parmesan cheese either, so instead used cheddar singles - sliced them really small. Nyahahaha ala anak kos!!
Mix whole egg, egg yolk, bit milk, and cheese into bowl.

Put a bit of olive oil in the cooked pasta so they don't stick to the pan. Then pour the egg mix into pasta.

On separate pan, heat a bit of olive oil. Put in cloves of garlic, I personally like to cook with A LOT of garlic. Then mix some bacon until it's a bit crunch, then throw in mushroom and spinach.



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